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Can't quite believe we're almost at the end of the Season, have to say, It has flew in, I know there is still a good few weeks left, but the Manager will be thinking about next season for sure.

The likelihood is that GMS & Shinnie will be off, they'd surely have agreed an extension by now if they weren't? McKenna may have more interest and may leave, Stewart will go, Lowe will go, Gleeson ( Still not had a fair crack of the whip in my opinion ) will more than likely go also, Forrester already off the books, Hoban sadly injured, Reynolds off to Dundee United ( All the best ) James Wilson (  ??? )  we will be rather light yet again.

We're a good amount of players down. What are the key positions that we need to address? Will we finally expand our scouting network?

This is arguably the most difficult task, in terms of recruitment, that McInnes will face.

Ten Caat:
Definitely a huge rebuilding job to be done. McKenna likely to be gone but we will be furnished with  big fat cheque for £6 million.....maybe a bit more if we can get 2 or more clubs into a bidding war......although the vast majority of it will go on the new stadium. McInnes will get a million of it to spend on 2 or 3 players.

I don't think Gleeson will be offski as you predict. He's bound to be one of our top 5 paid players so on £4k plus/week. Don't see many EFL clubs wanting to take him on that kind of wage when he has featured so little for us and when his ability to play a full 90 minutes effective is seriously in question.

If Derby go up (doubtful but possible) they will access funds that will probably enable Lampard to sign a whole new first 11. On that basis Lowe might just become available for a permanent transfer, especially as they have 4 further left backs on their books who were all considered ahead of him ( 2 are out with long term injuries but should be back by the start of the new season). By all accounts he loves it up here and we should definitely at least ask the question.

We will need a first choice left sided CH. I'd go for Jason Kerr at ST J though he won't be cheap having just signed a new contract there. We know that we have certainly offered his team mate Shaughnessy a contract. You would have thought he would have snapped it up by now as it will be way higher than St J can offer....I wonder if he wants a guarantee of being first choice. Devlin would be his direct challenger for that spot. And his injury absence has been worrying to say the least....

Obviously we will need a replacement for Wilson. Stewart? No idea what McInnes is thinking regarding him. His performances don't warrant a contract offer but DM sees something in him that most everyone else doesn't. If the sevco rumour is true that is where he will be heading but I really don't think it is.

Ball I think will take up our offer. He will likely replace Shinnie on a 1 for 1 basis, but young Campbell will for sure get a lot more first team exposure next season and should relegate Ball to being a squad player by the start of season 20/21, perhaps even a wee bit sooner.

It's an unenviable task like. We reached a high point a couple of seasons back when we were banging in goals for fun and got ourselves a record points total. Each transfer window since we've regressed. It's making it harder and harder each summer to replace those who are leaving. Shinnie will be a massive loss. One of the best midfielders in the league and will be the equivalent of losing Hayes a couple of years back. GMS has, unfortunately, been unreliable (and brilliant, at times). Max Lowe is also huge. I'm not convinced we'll be able to keep him and I think that will destroy the balance in our team.

It's going to be a further summer of getting numbers in. It's a big turnover. Not only is it a big turnover, but there's a huge question mark over those who remain. May and Gleeson are three who I'd rather have an alternative in place but I think with their contracts as they are then we'll struggle to offload. Paying off Gleeson would be money well spent as he'll get a contract somewhere else and we can just pay the difference; he won't want to hang around here and he's behind Campbell at the moment (although I think he might play on Saturday as McInnes tries out options for the semi as Campbell clearly wasn't ready). I'd like to see May offloaded too, but I think we'll have to keep him just to avoid having to sign even more players.

We have to be pragmatic, so I'd definitely keep Stewart if available because he's a decent player who we can get more out of. Most importantly, he's a known quantity. I'd also keep Ball on the same basis. That leaves us still to sign a Left back, a centre half (or two if McKenna leaves), a central midfielder (I disagree with TC, Ball wouldn't even be a tenth of a replacement of Shinnie - although I suspect that wasn't you stating your preference just what you think might happen), at least one wide player and a striker as a minimum

That's a minimum of 5 first 11 players that we need, which is huge. At roughly 50% success rate (which would be an improvement) then we're looking at 10 players in during the summer. That's a real problem.

With Wright an unused sub for Dundee last night then it doesn't look like we're getting back a ready made first teamer either, but Anderson seems to be progressing nicely and will hopefully take the place of May as first sub up front (I think Cosgrove has his limitations too, but I think we have to go with him).

Scary stuff, we will be as threadbare as fuck!

Left Back is massive, we can't go with Considine as our 1st choice LB next season, as good a servant as the guy has been, he should be kept as a squad player only who can cover CB, or even LB in an emergency. I'd like to see us ffer Killie a fee for their LB, Greg Taylor, pretty energetic and pacy, would fit in nicely. That is only if we have zero chance in getting Lowe back.

Centre Back, well IF McKenna does go, I'd have said the lad Halkett at Livingston would have been my choice to replace him, only 23, would have been free, a unit and knows the league, but he's Hearts bound. On the other hand, if Hoban was to be released by Watford, I'd love us to sign him permanently, albeit he's a risk, but he's a class act and we could also add Shaughnessy if he agrees the pre-contract, keeping the numbers up.

Rico, regarding Shinnie, you are correct, there was a stage this season where I was really frustrated with him, he was under-performing and he looked down and unhappy, but he's back to the tenacious, driving midfielder that will absolutely be missed & will definitely be hard to replace. Could we lure Mulumbu away from Celtic? He's clearly not in their plans and at his age, you'd think he'd want 1st team football over a bigger wage, he's already had that down south, so surely the attraction of 1st team football, and still a decent enough wage, could lure him?

Am I right in saying that Considine is out of contract this summer? If so, surprised he hasn’t been offered an extension, McInnes seems to love him.

The Sun is saying we’re trying to get Curtis Main from Motherwell and tried to sign him in January.


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