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Scottish League Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022 - kick-off 3pm

Peterhead v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

New director - Tom Crotty


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Guest kiriakovisthenewstrachan

Have to say this worries me. A lot of people question Milne's motives for getting involved with the club but why is an American businessman putting over a million pounds into our club? Surely he has no chance of ever getting a return on his investment.

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Seemed like an odd amount to invest I thought, but we need money and those are the type that can provide it.


Think that was the balance required to fully fund phase 1 at Kingsford. As long as that investment was just a starter for ten then he's more than welcome.

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I noticed his name today, too, so had a dig about.  UEFA rules seem to be that no one owner can have a controlling interest over 2 clubs, but they can have an interest in more than one.  The BBC article says Crotty is a Director of Ineos, which wouldn't necessarily mean that he'd then become a director of Chelsea if Ineos bid was successful (but it seems likely).  Also not sure if Crotty is already a director at Nice (which Ineos also hold ownership stake in).  His investment in Aberdeen was (I think) reported as personal contribution, rather than on behalf of Ineos, which would likely also make a difference from a regulatory point of view.  It's a bit of a strange scenario, though...

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8 hours ago, tlg1903 said:

He's fucking brilliant on Co comms on red TV.  Good eye for the game and loves the dons.  There's no negatives to this as best I can tell

For those of us old enough to remember Willie was a regular first team player for us until he broke his leg in a European tie and some young lad called McLeish took his place.

Left us and joined his boyhood heroes and upon his home debut for them scored two own goals at Parkhead against St Mirren 😉

Totally agree that I enjoy him on Red TV 

Seems to have a decent amount of business experience post his football career so I agree, not sure there's a downside to this one tlg 👍 

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