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A Wanderer All Of My Life......


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Well my fellow Dandies where does one start trying to tell all about my five or so year absence.


I think the easy explanation is as follows;


1.Watching my Mam pass away aged fifty five following some 48 day battle with primary Lung and secondary Brain cancer has obviously been very tough to deal with and completely changed yours truly as a person forever.


2.Said breakdown of some 15 year private life relationship ultimately adds to above mess.


Been to 32 matches since Mam's death on Wednesday 10th April 2013 which has included fifteen victories, ten drawn games and seven defeated afternoon although we only count Real Sociedad (H), Hearts (A), Rangers (H) as proper losses because St.Johnstone twice, Hearts and Ross County all at home there was nothing at stake other than professional pride. 

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          Winning League Cup 11 months after she died was pretty emotional stuff.  As with our £471.38 accumulated for reaching both Cup Finals last season one donated one's £257.50 when beating Inverness Caledonian Thistle to Margaret Kerr Unit here in the Scottish Borders who done such a wonderful job making her last moments so peaceful and tranquil.


Think yours truly does adopt a different outlook on life having gone through losing your Mam like we did.  European games have been brilliant where taking my mind off recent heartache is concerned especially HNK Rijeka, Kairat Almaty and NK Maribor at Pittodrie.   

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Cheers for the kind words guys.  Our success since Derek arrived has been bittersweet because it's been good in helping me through one's tragic loss but at same time is a reminder of all them conversation we used to have with Mam which I miss about how crap Aberdeen were!!!!!!

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