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Why is Shinnie on the bench?


Worried about him for final I suppose eh?


Pretty sure they said on Wednesday that he was 1 yellow card away from serving a suspension at the start of next season. No point in playing him today and running the risk.

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Just a big stream circle thing now that I got rid of ads


  All im getting at pres,with Ad block plus enabled. 



If Jacks going to the hun,would he be in the squad?? 


Look forward to seeing Wright get a full start and Christie for a whole game.COYR

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RedTV can only stream if there's a TV channel willing to cover the game, if there's no cameras there then there's not much they can do about it.  Same goes for finding net streams - there has to be something to stream from.


BBC on the other hand - given they have folk at (or watching) each game, would it have hurt to have provided the Tic match as a supplementary radio stream instead of the only one?  Even their aff the ba shite would have been preferable.

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