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Tony Doc

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It is starting to sound like the rumpus I used to know on the hat. If it looks like one and sounds like one, chances are that it is one. And if true that would be a damn good thing. Plus, what he's said is true. It was Tony Doc's "allegiance" to ra sellic that was one of the biggest reasons for McInnes not going to Ibrox given how the Sevco board approached the subject during the negotiations.

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Your low rating tells me your so far down the food chain you're harder worth the time of an established gent like myself. Toodle pip, peasant.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:  Good one.  Spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, using your instead of you're....  It is of no surprise to me that someone who uses hun language has hun level delusions about their stature.



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