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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Aberdeen Ladies were called Aberdeen in name only. The club helped them with strips, but they appointed their own coaches, organised their own games, etc. Now Aberdeen Women, their new name, are officially part of the club, the new management team has been appointed by the club, and they will use the club facilities for training such as sports science and all that jazz. Once Kingsford is built they'll be training there too.
  2. Ailsa Wilson QC, for the campaign group, said: "One of the factual issues that runs through this case is the availability of an alternative site for the proposed stadium and training facilities." Just nimbyism (is that a word? It is now). The alternative site they're pushing for is Loirston. All the issues they've argued against at Kingsford would be issues at Loirston - increased traffic, fans parking in streets, the need for shuttle buses, only one main access road from the city, the likelihood that it would encourage more drive through restaurants to be built there, that "green belt land" would be built on. It undermines their whole campaign. How can you say all these things are dreadful yet champion them for another area? That, and the council have sold land at Loirston so there is no room for a training ground and stadium. Same with Kings Links. But they'll stick their fingers in their ears and continue with their petition anyway.
  3. If they want to debate, let them. It's what the forum is about. You don't have to read the posts.
  4. Reminds me of someone criticising the club for not building the RDS closet to golf road. Were unconcerned that doing that would have meant the stand was essentially outside the stadium.
  5. That's PA that have said Stewart. In the actual report it says Ferguson. Not said often this season, so I'll say it. Thought the referee was good tonight, let a lot of good tackles go and let the game flow.
  6. Surely it wasn't from the radio, as it was Derek Ferguson who was doing open all mics. If he can't even tell the difference between his son and Stewart then is he even the dad?
  7. Odd one if it happens. Was McInnes that punted him, no? Also likely only to be a back up to Devlin and McKenna.
  8. Must be in negotiations over a permanent contract, otherwise why else would they send him on loan after recalling him from Killie. Loan is probably so he can play this weekend.
  9. We knocked back much less than that in summer. Milne has already said the offer from Villa was nowhere near the £6.5m figure that was quoted.
  10. Rumours on the Celtic forums and Twitter that a deal has been agreed in Dubai between Aberdeen and Celtic for McKenna. £4m plus Hendry and Hayes. No idea if they're loans or permanent (one would have to be permanent at least as can't loan two players from same club). Could be a lot of shite and one guy's story has grown arms and legs. But, if that deal was on offer, would you take it? For me, as long as there was a sell on clause included should Celtic eventually sell him on for big money, I'd take it.
  11. You've been had mate. Johnny Russell is not currently on a flight to Dubai. The boy Galloway is also a lot of shite, while Delfounso was from the well known troll Agent Kevin.
  12. It's weekends like this I'm a bit jealous we don't have a derby to look forward to. Everyone else getting fired up for a full house, city derby. Easter Road for one will be rocking. Inverness, Glasgow, Lanarkshire all got big games. Had the Dundee and Renfrewshire teams been in the same division they'd have derbies too. And we've got Livingston. Suppose you can't have it two ways. I like Aberdeen being a one-team city, but seems we have something missing from the fixture list.
  13. Stick with a winning team. Lewis Logan Considine McKenna Lowe McGinn Ferguson Shinnie McLennan May Cosgrove Was good to see Forrester on the pitch the other night. Still have hope he'll turn out to be a good un.
  14. Then why are you on a forum you melt. In fact don't answer. It'll just be a lot of garbage anyway.
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