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Lovell dropped due to fight with Sandy Clark?

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Most of you have probably heard the rumours that Stevie Lovell was dropped from the squad on Tueday because of an altercation with Sandy Clark in training on Monday. There has been stuff mentioned on KKK-Chat (i know, i know) about it, but a colleague has just told me it's in today's Sun (That is the standard of my colleague). Anyone seen this?

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I take most rumours with a pinch of salt.  It does however seem rather strange that Lovell wasn't even on the subs bench.  I'd much rather have him there than Maguire.

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I'm pretty sure the guy on AFC Chat who says he was there posted months back saying that he was in the youth team at Pittodrie or something along those lines and seemed genuine enough.


Given Blunderwood's previous attempts at belittling Lovell to force him out of the door, I'm inclined to believe the story to some extent.

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The story i'd heard was that Clark went running to JC saying Lovell swore at him! Four times!

So, not sure if SC will get his arse kicked. Think Lovell got 100 Lines and a detention, though.


LOLLERDISCO! If that is true then Clarke is even more of a dipshit than even I thought.  :lolabove:


Lovell is a deep guy though. And my mate.  ;)

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In what other profession would you get to show such an attitude towards management?


...Apart from Mizer's job, he decides on the life or death of managment on a whim.


Conversely, in what other profession would management get to show such an attitude (in public, too ie Calderwoods blaming of Lovell for the defeat at tannadice and then going on to say he's a "bit of a strange one") towards their staff?

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12:00 - 08 February 2008


Steve Lovell's days as a Don are numbered after a training ground bust-up with coach Sandy Clark.


Pittodrie sources confirmed striker Lovell has been fined after an angry confrontation with Clark last Sunday.


There is now no chance of the 27-year-old being offered an extension to his Aberdeen contract, which expires in the summer.


It is understood Clark let rip at Lovell for kicking out at one of the younger Dons players during a training session.


The Englishman reacted by kicking the ball away and swearing at Clark.


The two men were then involved in an angry exchange.


Dons boss Jimmy Calderwood, who wasn't at the training session, later backed Clark and fined Lovell for his show of indiscipline.


But our source has denied a report claiming Lovell was axed from Tuesday's CIS League Cup clash with Dundee United because of the incident.


It is believed Calderwood had already chosen to go without Lovell, who has scored just three goals this season and has struggled to hold down a regular first team place.


When quizzed by the media after their 4-1 defeat at Tynecastle, Calderwood said Lovell was absent owing to a knock.


Lovell played for the reserves, who are managed by Clark, on Wednesday and scored in a 3-1 win over Hibs at Brechin.


It is believed Calderwood will still use the former Portsmouth player if necessary between now and the end of the season.


But the training ground spat - added to Lovell's failure to deliver since his £250,000 move from Dundee in 2005 - means he will be allowed to leave for nothing when his contract runs out at the end of the campaign.


Clark, Calderwood and Dons director of football Willie Miller were unavailable to comment.


We were also unable to get a response on the mobile phone number we have for Lovell.

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About binning him for nothing? I agree completely pending who he replaces Lovell with.


About punishing him for having a boot at someone in training, that depends on the circumstances.


One of the stories is that it was Lee Mair (although that doesn't tie in with the "young player" from that report) and that the two don't like each other and haven't done since their time at Dundee. If that's the case, there's always potential for that happening, in which case, just put them on the same side in training?

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