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What are you listening to?


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NME darlings


Or is it just because they have chips in their name?

I actually came across a link to their album, downloaded it then stuck it and loved what i was hearing.


Jay go tell me of a band i should listen to so i get away from this NME craze i seem to be branned if being involved in.

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Believe it or not, you can actually read the NME without having to agree with their thoughts on the bands or in fact get sucked into what they think is cool and what they don't.


I read it for years as I enjoyed the interviews, it had great listings for gigs and it also alerted you to up and coming bands.  Which wasn't the easiest to hear about, whilst waiting for the yearly decent gig in Aberdeen to roll around.


I'd read the gig reviews but would without fail skip past the albums/singles reviews, as one man's White Album is another man's Spiceworld.


As far as I'm concerned, if you buy the NME you're alright with me.  At least you're paying an interest into the music you buy other than walking into HMV, standing in front of the 'Top 40 Albums' section and slivering over the latest Coldplay, U2, Snowpatrol, Keane, 50 Cent or Shania Twain offering that you saw advertised on tv between Pop Idol and Big Brother.

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I do read NME now and then but what ever they review i don't go out straight away and buy it or even download it, i read other reviews and ask people who like the same music as myself.


I like Little man tate alot and NME give them alot of stick, i also love the futureheads who are vastly under rated and NME never told me to like them i decided myself.


The last NME i read was the xmas edition where they had an interview with Arctic Monkeys, also read the album reviews of the year and i only agreed with one of them, also 9 time out of 10 i have heard of a band before they are featured in NME.


Listening to Yes/No- Futureheads.

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