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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Touzani's latest injury

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08:50 - 11 December 2007


The bizarre circumstances surrounding Aberdeen defender Karim Touzani's latest injury have been revealed.


The Dutchman has an infection in a gaping leg wound he suffered on Friday afternoon.


Touzani's injury happened during training on the eve of game against Kilmarnock.


Dons manager Jimmy Calderwood said: "We were playing skill games, split into two teams, with the worst player getting the dreaded yellow jersey.


"Jimmy Nicholl thought up one where the ball had to be chipped over the crossbar and headed at the other side. Karim slid in to head the ball and collided with the metal behind the post, with his leg opening up."


The Dons will hold further talks with Zander Diamond, Barry Nicholson, Jamie Langfield, Chris Clark and Michael Hart this week as they press for an answer on contract offers made to the five players.


Weekend reports, stemming from agent Martyn McNeill, claiming Diamond is keen to try his luck in English football have been dismissed by the defender.


Calderwood said: "Willie Miller plans to speak to the out of contract players this week and I am sure there will be a few meetings. I get the impression they are all positive, so it should be a case of completing the finishing touches.


"Zander came in and apologised for the story on Saturday, which came from his agent. He is really positive and I know he doesn't want to leave the club - if I'm talking to him one to one then I think I would have him signed, but when agents are involved it can make it harder."

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Guest Shabba Ranks

It won't be long before someone slips of some dog shit at Seaton Park and lands on a junkie's discarded needle and gets AIDS. Maybe.


Monkey AIDS is the worst kind


Karim slid in to head the ball


Anyone else see the problem with this quote?

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As long as it's not bad AIDS.


The thing that worries me is that the cut is infected.  How the fuck, in this day and age, can you end up with a septic wound?


I'm lucky if a three man medical team isn't flown in having spilt some coffee on myself.  That would actually involve a lengthy enquiry as to how it happened, how it could be avoided in the future and result in me spending a few weeks councilling to get over the trauma.


God forbid anyone in this office were to end up with a nasty paper cut.

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