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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Come on you Reds!¬†‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

Man Flu


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Guys, finally you are justified in being a bunch of wooses when you have a wee cold  ;D




And the more testosterone you have the worse you are gonna feel  ;)


There's also a wee recipe for soup to make you feel better tho with 4 cloves of garlic no-one is gonna want to be kissing you anyway  :-*



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Are your balls being kicked constantly for 12 solid hours or just the once Tom  :P


Did you 'choose' for yours to be kicked constantly for 12 solid hours or just the once Hebbie?


And if so hoow many times did you 'choose' for it to happen over the years?



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Totally, does she get Oxygen therapy for them?  That's my profession at the moment.


Well, it's hard to work out even if I'm right in calling them cluster headaches or not tbh honest. Various treatments using all kinds of drugs from anti-convulsants to beta-blockers and NSAIDs. The GP fancied himself so managed it without referring on to a specialist, saw a dude at the Southern and boom, we have them under control.  Before the GP referred her on she was eating zomig like sweeties, actually making things worse! Hellish hellish thing.

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