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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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Woolwich attack


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As I see it religion's big failing is it is all about how you interpret whatever holy book it is meant to be based on. And once you have a 'belief' you tend to get very Arsey if someone dares suggest that you have based your life on nonsense. All too often it is used as an excuse for you just not liking something.



Go back a few hundred years and Christianity was the scourge in the world with 'the crusades'. Armies descending on far off lands to convert the savages to the one true god (and also nick whatever they could for their leaders).


There are far right christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindi, muslims who will all carry out terrorist attacks given half the chance but because of 911 the Muslim faith is the demon of the moment and with the current media facilities it is very easy to make you think anyone who so much as looks at the Koran is going to blow themselves up.



The worlds media is controlled by the west and the west is predominantly Christian, Jewish or non believers and you cant demonise your own kind as that isnt profitable (Shutting their eyes and ignoring Israel's antics for the best part of 70 years).


At its best religion can be a wonderful thing that can bring happiness, hope, inspiration and comfort to people



At its worse it is the destroyer of worlds


Does it though?  Dawkins made a very good point about this sort of praise of religion.  Everything you have mentioned is purely subjective and not proveable because there is no test case.  You can't say religion brings these things because you don't have exactly the same person going through exactly the same experiences at exactly the same time but without religion in their lives.  Eg "my faith got me through the pain of losing my wife/becoming paralysed/going bankrupt etc."


"How do you know you would not have done better without your faith?" 


"I just do"


I need a little bit more than that I'm afraid

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I was merely pointing out the 2 extremes that can be brought from religion. There is no right or wrong answer with it. You cant prove it but at the same time you cant disprove it.



Some Scientists can be so arrogant to claim they can but science only follows facts and the wonderful thing about facts is as time goes buy more information is discovered which then disproves the old and reveals the new. Atom was once believed to the the smallest thing. Used to think the world was flat.


Religion as i see it is completely down to you having faith that someone or something is looking after you and everyone else




The more I hear about Dawkins the more I'm distancing myself from him but I cant believe he would be the sort of cunt who would questions someone who did perhaps say

'my faith got me through the pain of losing my wife/becoming paralysed/going bankrupt etc."'



If someone can find peace and happiness in believing there is some giant bloke, alien, elephant high above them and gets on with things then why should we question it?



On the flip side if someone gets through these things without finding a faith then why should we question that?



What is worse? A militant religious person or a militant Athiest?

Both want you to think their way and get angry when you don't



I liked Jim Jeffries' idea-

Wake up in the morning. Read the sign that says 'try not to be a cunt' and then go about your day

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Back to the topic in hand now the media is harassing the poor blokes family. Taking random quotes and making headlines out of them.



The P & J were a bunch of cunts with friends of mine when there members of the same family were killed in separate accidents on the A9 in the space of 2 weeks.

Most evil part was they sent a journalist to the daughters funeral taking a space of a genuine mourner



I really hate to think how bad the national media are treating his wife and parents now.






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it's not even about religion per se, it's about tribalism. attach yourself to a club and you want that club to grow and dominate. when the going gets tough, the club lash out against non-members. look at the situation in burma with the buddhists carrying out genocide against the various muslim sects. if any religion was peaceful it'd be buddism, but tribalistic cunts gang together to blame outsiders in any context.


insecure bawbags. but religion's main role in this isn't that they teach nasty shit, it's that they (any kind pretty much) create that dangerous insecurity in people from an early age because confident, free-thinking people wouldn't waste their time with imaginary friends.


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How did that girl get a job as a presenter? She is as thick as two short planks and unbelievably annoying as well.



And who cares if people believe these sorts of things or preach them? Just as long as they don't act upon their beliefs people can believe what they want. Just as much as I don't care about the EDL as long as they do nothing violent or illegal.

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Guys before you all become brain washed that all muslims are honest law abidding citizens... please just watch this....





I watched that last week. Someone posted it on Facebook. The girl might be irritating to some but that's beside the point. The bottom line is this: In Britain everyone has the right to free speech and the right to protest. We can't and shouldn't remove that right whenever it suits us. In the video the Muslamics ( ;D ) showed a clear lack of understanding and diplomacy - something that would have enraged them 9even more) if the shoe was on the other foot. But then again no one forced the wifie to go up to them and antagonise them. 



RIP clangers



Don't tease me, Jim.

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