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Pathetic Hippo lay speaking

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McGhee seems to be doing a good job with very limited resources.

Eric Black's stock must be increasing.  He's gaining great experience in the premiership recently.

Also, they are realistic appointments IMHO.  There won't be many top class managers who want the Dons job.

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Mark McGhee without a shadow of a doubt.


Had my doubts in the past, but everytime i hear him interviewed he impresses me. 


That, and he's turned motherwell from relegation fodder into a team that playing some really good football whilst getting resuts, and he doesn't seem to feel the need to change that style based on the opposition. 


Incidentally, Thats not a slur on Jimmy Calderwood despite those being things that have been the basis of criticism levelled at him in his time at Aberdeen, as i think he's done a fantastic job with us. 


JC won't go anywhere, but if he does, McGhee would be a brilliant appointment IMO.

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Guest Nellie The Don

Supposing JC left, but McLeish didn't go to Birmingham, why not offer it to McLeish/Watson/Aitken on the basis that they didn't have to give up Scotland.


Surely the three of them could handle both jobs between them?

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Talking of Black just saw this on BBC.CO.UK:


Caretaker boss Black quits Blues 

Birmingham caretaker manager Eric Black has quit the club and intends to join boss Steve Bruce at Wigan.

Black was assistant to Bruce, who left Birmingham to take over as boss at Wigan last week, and is now set to follow him to the JJB Stadium.


Black was in temporary charge at St Andrews for just one game as Birmingham lost 2-0 to Portsmouth on Saturday.


A Blues statement said: "He had been here since July 2004 and leaves with the best wishes of all at the club."






I can see why we would offer Mcleish and Watson the job but bringing back Aitken???    :o





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Instead of utilising the normal Scottish managerial merrygoround ... how about the English one? Surely someone like Venables or ... dare I say ... Redknapp might fit the bill. Venables would make us the media-darlings of the world!


funny you should say that as I'd just read this:


"If you want to know why the FAI should not touch Venables with a bargepole, then you only have to look at the way he spent the first half at Wembley against Croatia in the royal box hobnobbing with Britain's Prince William. Remember, England were 2-0 down at the time. But that sums up Venables. An A-List celebrity with his fondness for singing on chat shows but, these days, he's a Z-List manager" - RTE pundit Eamon Dunphy sits resolutely on the fence upon being asked if he'd like to see El Tel appointed as the Republic of Ireland's new manager.



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John Hughes wouldn't be a bad shout, but Aberdonians in general, are a bit more reserved that other Scottish people and I can't see his 'loveable oaf' personality going down too well.


I'd go with Eric Black, he comes across as very articulate and intelligent in interviews and sets his teams to go out and play attractive football. And he seems to have genuine contacts on the continent for finding good cheap foreign players. I've just got a good feeling about the guy.


I'd also be more than happy with Mark McGhee as well, and also, to throw another hat into the ring, Terry Butcher.

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