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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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Who should McInnes be keeping and who should he be moving on?

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As Derek McInnes comes in for the last 5 games of the season, which of the first team do you want to see him keep at Aberdeen and who (if any) would you like for him to let go? Vote for the players you want to keep and leave off those who you don't.


List derived from the squad list minus young players who have only made a few appearances.

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Why the fuck do folk want Magennis to stay. Cunt cannot even master the basics of football. I now await the tries hard responses.

He is still young and I think at time shows potential. A big striker who should let the defence know he is there. Maybe McInnes can get the best out of him. I say give him till the end of next season and if there is not any progress then he can go.
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For players that he should be keeping, I've gone for - Jack, Robertson, Anderson, Considine, Milsom, McGinn, Hayes, Shaughnessy, Pawlett, Osbourne and Reynolds.


Looking at that players there, you've got a good basis of a side but just needs small repairs e.g a right back, a keeper, striker etc.


Magennis can get to fuck. He's got very little footballing ability and all he has got is being built like a brick shit house and can run fairly fast. If scoring at Celtic Park is a barometer for how good you are as a professional footballer then John Stewart and Zdrillic have been cracking players for us! Using that performance as an example of why we should be keeping him conveniently hides the fact that for the most of his Aberdeen career, he has been dung.


Langfield can also go. A decent shot stopper who will give you on average of 3 or 4 howlers a season, a bottler of the biggest variety and can't kick worth a fuck. How he has managed at AFC for so long is beyond me, maybe that's an indication of the club more than anything. His command of the box, positioning and coming off his line is absolutely terrible.


Rae and Vernon are two players that if they stayed, I wouldn't be fussed but if we can get better replacements then cheerio. Rae started the season well but has started to look his age. Vernon is one that's a bit harder. Obviously a goal scorer but hasn't been able to score for love or money this season and even his other general play has gone tits up. He really has been awful this season, if he can get back to the form he showed in his first two seasons then he will be a prized asset again. If he continues with the form he has showed this season, then he is as much of a hinderance than he is helpful.

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Jack, Anderson, Considine, Milsom, McGinn, Hayes, Shaughnessy, Pawlett, Osbourne, Magennis,Reynolds.


Probably a bit unfair on Robertson and deserves another year to see if he will work out.


Magennis has looked our most dangerous forward in recent games, far more direct and physical than anyone else in the team and bags of enthusiasm and confidence which almost no one has.

Not the best skilled player by a long shot but he has come on leaps and bounds this year and if Brown concentrated on playing him in his best position striker (or perhaps impact sub) rather than fucking about with him at rb, lb, rw, lw,cb then he would have had more game time, and I would argue on recent performances deserved more game time recently anyway.


His performance was just one break away goal like Stewart or Zdricllic. He scored two, set up one and threatened throughout.


Much like Mackie and Langfield before him, people seem more intent on hating for hating's sake than actually seeing what he contributes.


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Why are we referring to Aberdeen players as cunts?  ???



Because the cunt posted some religious nonsensical garbage on Facebook and when I politely pointed out a slight flaw I was blocked without even an attempt at an adult debate.

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