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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Inverness vs Dons

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oh look joint second bottom (only above caley on goal difference)


Im starting to lose patience with these fuckwit called footballers and our management team

As the boy on Northsound just said its been a shite performance and yet Broon and co wait until we go a goal down with 20mins left before he makes a change


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Worst performance of the season by some margin.  Seemed to have forgotten we are allowed to pass the ball on the ground. Hayes and Fraser were quiet but it was the middle of the park that was disappointing.

Think we perhaps scored from our only attempt on goal but would need to check the stats.  Smith deserves to start on Sunday for that goal alone and brilliant to see how delighted he was to score, and fucking ridiculous he got booked.

Must do better

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I only saw as much of the game as YouTube's highlights showed. But reading some of the match reports, it looks like Hayes and Fraser (the latter in particular) were being cited by Inverness' cavetroll players. Foran was lucky to be only yellow-carded, and Butcher should really have no complaints about Tudor-Jones' smash.


Perhaps all the focus put onto silencing Fraser and Hayes distracted the Inverness players from Smith?

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What in the name of fuck do the sports hacks in aberdeen do to justify their wage?


Our best player this season wasn't involved at the weekend. No one at the club has said why, and the journos don't seem even to have asked!


Am i the only one raging about this? What a pathetic mickey mouse operation. If an OF player dresses to the left for a change the press are all over it whereas one of our players could run away to belgium off his face on coke and adrenal gland and nae cunt would even know!

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Football fans thrown off Aberdeen train after conductor threatened

Supporters ‘shouted and swore’


By Kate O’Neill


Published: 19/09/2012


AN APPEAL for information was launched after a train conductor was threatened by hooligans.


Football fans on an Inverness to Aberdeen train were removed at Dyce for their behaviour.


A group of around 25 supporters, believed to have attended an SPL match, allegedly shouted, swore and subjected the conductor to verbal abuse on Saturday.

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