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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 20 August - kick-off 3pm

St Johnstone v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Dons vs Perth Saints - Sunday (Sky Sports)

glasgow sheep

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This game may well hinge on who we have fit.  We desperately need width of some sort, even getting Jack back to fill in at RB.  Midfield needs a shake up (well Hughes dropped) and we can't start with Fallon and Vernon upfront.......

So expect 4 centre halfs, four central midfielders and Fallon and Vernon up top.

They have a good recent record up here but on current form have been shipping goals, whether our ineffectual attack can take advantage of this time will tell.

Anyhoo the usual stats run down:




10 Year Record vs St Johnstone at Pittodrie Stadium


Poor record but not many games. Saints are undefeated in the last four at Pittodrie with a draw and three wins, which is even more impressive given they have only won a total of 11 games at Pittodrie.


Played 6

Won 2

Drawn 1

Lost 3

For 6 Against 3


Last Dons Win 21st Jan 2009: 2-1

Last Saints Win 7th May 2011: 0-2

All Time Home Record vs St Johnstone

Played 69

Won 40

Drawn 18

Lost 11

For 134 Against 56

Biggest Home Win vs St Johnstone

03 Sep 1983 Aberdeen 5 - 0 St. Johnstone Premier Division 12,400

18 Feb 1967 Aberdeen 5 - 0 St. Johnstone Scottish Cup R2 22,800


Biggest Home Defeat vs St Johnstone

29 Aug 1999 Aberdeen 0 - 3 St. Johnstone SPL 9,600


Highest scoring home game vs St Johnstone

12 Sep 1964 Aberdeen 5 - 5 St. Johnstone Div 1 (Old) 5,000


Last 5 v Saints, home and away:

13 Dec 2011 St. Johnstone 1 - 2 Aberdeen SPL 1,607

23 Jul 2011 Aberdeen    0    -    0    St. Johnstone    SPL    10,001

07 May 2011 Aberdeen    0    -    2    St. Johnstone    SPL    6,361

02 Mar 2011 St. Johnstone    0    -    0    Aberdeen    SPL    2,909

20 Nov 2010 Aberdeen    0    -    1    St. Johnstone    SPL    7,841



Current Form (SPL)

Aberdeen: Won 2 Draw 4 Lost 0 For 4 Against 2

Saints: Won 3 Draw 0 Lost 3 For 12 Against 12



DRAW 0-0 Hibs (a)

WIN 1-0 Pars (h)

DRAW 1-1 Huns (a)

DRAW 0-0 Killie (h)

WIN 2-1 United (a)

DRAW 0-0 Jambos (h)


LOSS 1-5 United (h)

LOSS 2-3 Well (a)

WIN 3-2 Hibs (a)

LOSS 1-2 Huns (h)

WIN 2-0 Killie (h)

WIN 3-0 Pars (a)

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Brown on RedWeb saying Pawlett and Rae back in training. Might be ready for Sunday. Jack back into the squad too.


Osbourne, Clark, Milsom, Folly and Anderson the players he mentioned as injured.


Europe is Browns target for the season.

Well with the huns potentially missing out on their licence I should bloody well hope so.  5th could do it, but I'd prefer a cup win (obviously), however Europe after the last few years and the start we had would be amazing  :thumbsup:

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Disgraceful performance, thoroughly unprofessional and there was nothing positive at all to be taken from it, zero. A total shambles going forward and the fact that St Johnstone looked equally shite says a lot. Basic football skills ie passing and keeping simple unpressured possession seemed beyond us, primarily Fyvie (aye, the premiership awaits you son eh?).


Mackie should be finished now, the debate is over.


Brown, please, in the name of all that's fucking holy, you best have a couple of wingers/wingbacks ready to come in next season, if not, fuck right off.



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Couldn't get to the game today but watched it in the pub and have to admit it was shocking to see the quality of our passing and I was glad I hadn't wasted petrol money driving to watch what I have to describe as a typical end of season shocker ,,,, but hey, it's not end of season yet as there is so much to play for ,,,, you'd have thought  :hammer: !!!!!


Also couldn't believe we had 2 left footers in the middle at the back and Brown played McArdle at Left back as he is a beter in the middle, but thought he defended really well which probably says more about St Johnstone than anything else. FFS that was a stinker of a game that absoutely nothing positive can be taken from  :hammer:


Oh , ps Rae looked so slow I'm sure I've seen custard turn quicker :(

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