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Inverness footballer Tade allegedly racially abused


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Scottish Premier League footballer Gregory Tade has allegedly been racially abused in a message posted on Twitter.


The 25-year-old Frenchman is a striker with Inverness Caledonian Thistle.


Details of the tweet's contents have been sent to the Football Coordination Unit for Scotland (Focus).


Strathclyde Police, the force Focus operates from, and Northern Constabulary have been informed of the allegations.


The apparent tweet:

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Excuse my ignorance, but exactly how does that amount to racial abuse  ???


I get the abuse part, but not the racial part


Is there not an implication that he should give up life because he is shite at football and that he is black. Actually no it is pretty straight forward. I would say that is quite derogatory to be honest.


If I was to say to caledonia "You're thick and shite at spelling. give up life" then I would be having a go at thick people wouldn't I?

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Jesus was black and gave up his life.


If Jesus actually existed he would've been a Caucasian. The bible says he had skin the colour of a copper penny so he would've been an arab jew.


He didn't give his life. His dad sacrificed his life.

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