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Celtic have withdrawn co-operation with the Daily Record newspaper following a story about their manager, Neil Lennon.


The back page of Saturday's edition used the headline "Who's More Hated at Ibrox (is it Lennon or the Taxman?)" ahead of Sunday's Old Firm match.


The story compares Rangers fans' views of Lennon with the club's tax dispute.


A Celtic statement called the story "inflammatory and offensive" while the paper's sports editor Jim Traynor said the piece was not meant to offend.

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Heard all the arseholes on Jim Traynor's program up in arms about this. Absolutely pathetic. Over the top sensitivity from the green set of arseholes. Fuck off. This shit isn't nearly as offensive as the Old Firm themselves. Cunts the lot of them.


I disagree, I reckon they are entitled to be pissed off, horrendous headline, article and paper.


But still, cunts the lot of them.

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I disagree, I reckon they are entitled to be pissed off, horrendous headline, article and paper.


But still, cunts the lot of them.



Aye but FFS fuck sake the way they were whinging on was unreal and capable of only the most paranoid of Tims.


I thought about how I'd feel if it was my club that was the brunt of this joke and I can honestly say that it wouldn't bother me at all. Of course they dislike Neil Lennon at Ibrox. Everyone on earth does. But their nearest and dearest rivals? That's a shocker.  ::)  The huge fucking chip on their Tim shoulders is causing more problems than the (admittedly chronic) Daily Record article ever could.


Perhaps it's my complete and utter apathy towards AFC and Scottish football in general that I'm feleing right now that would prevent me from getting upset by this if this was my own team or maybe it's the fact that my own team is more than capable of making me feel far more embarrassment and anger than a newspaper article ever could. :(



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I hear that Tyrant. It's probably also to do with their constant moaning and persecution agenda that a lot of folk will not take their complaint seriously. On the one hand, yes they have a legitimate complaint, on the other, absolutely nothing shames these cunts.


But anyone thick enough to buy the Record to read the fucking thing deserves all they get, Celtic and everyone else should just withdraw co-operation because the paper is a complete shitrag. 

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Some strong words but...


Celtic's chief executive Peter Lawwell has urged a section of the club's supporters to stop singing pro-IRA songs.


Addressing the annual general meeting at Celtic Park, Lawwell said: "Chants glorifying the Provisional IRA are totally unacceptable.


"It is an embarrassment to the club; We don't want it, we don't need it."


Chairman John Reid stepped down after four years in the role.


Lawwell, who was returned to the board, said the club did not want to be associated with unacceptable chanting.


"One, it is wrong, and it is an embarrassment to the club and embarrassment to the majority of supporters.


"We were inundated by complaints from our own fans after the game at Tynecastle [on 2 October].


"We have dealt with it at Celtic Park and we will do all we can to make sure it doesn't happen home or away.


"We don't want it, we don't need it. We have the best supporters in the world and hold that reputation dear."


Lord Reid, who will be succeeded by Iain Bankier, told the club's annual meeting that their recent record "has not been good enough".


The club have failed to win the SPL title for the past three seasons and trail defending champions Rangers by 10 points this term.


Lord Reid said the board would not "put the club in peril" by overspending.


Describing his four-year reign as club chairman as the greatest privilege of his life, Lord Reid said he hoped to be remembered as a fighter who spoke out against unfairness at the Scottish Football Association.


Celtic and the governing body clashed over refereeing standards during a turbulent season last year.


Reform at the SFA achieved what Celtic wanted in terms of accountability and transparency, he added.


On replacing the former Home Secretary at Celtic Park, Bankier said: "I feel quite emotional and incredibly humble.


"It is really impacting on me, the incredible lifetime privilege to take over the helm of an institution like this.


"Humble, that's the word. That's a bit of a cliche but that's how I feel.


"I've grown up with Celtic all my life but it is when you put this suit and tie on and face people, it really hits home to you what it's all about.


"What I bring is 35 years of my career.


"I have been in law, finance, public companies and private companies, big situations and small situations and so I will bring fresh thinking to every aspect of what we are doing."



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