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Hibs v Aberdeen

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Away in Vegas for this game but have noticed it's being shown on RedTV International. Can any of those with RedTV International tell me how they verify you are abroad. Will I need a foriegn billing address or can I still use my Aberdeen billing address but as long as Im logging in from abroad it will work? WHat are the chances of the stream turning up on other sites?


Alternatively, if any overseas users have a log in but won't be using it this weekend I would be horrified if I could borrow the username and password for a few hours and will be forced to respond with some form of payment.  :-*


I know, I'll be in Vegas and shouldnt give a shite what Aberdeen are up to but it'll pass a few hours for us one morning.

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Sorry Penfold, can't help with that but does anyone know why this is on Sunday? It's not on TV is it?


I saw on mad (whether its true or not is another matter) that the EDL Huns SDL are having a protest in Edinburgh and the police asked to have the game moved.

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Are there tickets on the gate for this? I checked the website but didn't see anything up about it, assuming it will be though.


Apparently we've sold fuck all so given we have a whole stand to ourselves now can't see why they won't have a cash gate.  Read somewhere a decision would be made Friday. If not will probably be able to buy from afc and pick up off the bus

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Apparently we've sold fuck all so given we have a whole stand to ourselves now can't see why they won't have a cash gate.  Read somewhere a decision would be made Friday. If not will probably be able to buy from afc and pick up off the bus


I've bought 2 - hoping for a good game (despite league position!) they usually are... 2-0 Dons :thumbsup:

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Hibee fury at Caldo and Petrie




Published: Today

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ANGRY Hibs fans will turn on rock-bottom boss Colin Calderwood and chairman Rod Petrie at a Sunday demo.


The supporters are seething at Calderwood's horror record of 22 losses in 38 games in charge AND at the board's refusal to let him leave when Birmingham and Nottingham Forest wanted him.


Now they will voice their concerns outside the Main Stand before Sunday's SPL clash with Aberdeen.


Organiser Mark Donald said: "There are a lot of people not happy with the way things are going and we want to make the club aware of that unhappiness.


"We want the players to know we back them fully and always will, and that our anger is directed at the manager and the chairman.


"Colin Calderwood lost a lot of the confidence supporters had in him when he took so long to commit his future to Hibs during the summer.


"Mr Petrie should have allowed him to leave when that refusal to commit showed he has no desire to remain at the club."


Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3801954/Hibee-fury-at-Caldo-and-Petrie.html#ixzz1XNF1laVa

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Craig Brown spoke to RedTV today ahead of the game this Sunday at Easter Road "Our league position is frustrating, especially when you feel you have played well enough to win games. We didn't get the result we wanted in the previous game but we had played reasonably well and we wanted a game quickly after that to maintain the standard so we have to pick it up again. It is important that we start gaining points, I am well aware it is a vital period in the next month for Aberdeen to pick up the points that we should have.


"Our opponents might look at us and think we are struggling but I don't think we are struggling in the way we are playing. We are struggling at not scoring the goals, we need to score. There has been three games where we hit the woodwork and if you look at each occasion it would have made a difference of maybe four points to us, which would have put us right in contention.


"We want to be ruthless in every respect, determined in defence and ruthless in attack. I think we are defending well enough. We are playing from back to middle very competently, but from middle to front we can improve.


"Within our own group of players I feel we have strikers who will score. I believe Scott Vernon will score his 20, and I'm sure Darren Mackie will score his share of goals and I believe that Josh Magennis will score. Chalali has looked very sharp in training and up at the game at Deveronvale you could see he had a bit of something about him, he could have had a hat-trick up there. You score goals in patches, even the top strikers go a few games without scoring and then go on a run.


"The only trouble we have for the Hibs game is Ryan Jack who is still recovering from a head knock and you have to be very careful with that. Hopefully he will get a session tomorrow and that will make him available but for the moment he isn't available. I'm delighted to tell you that Chris Clark was first class in training this morning. He had a trapped nerve in his leg and it was causing him a lot of pain so it was good to see Chris training so well, as was Youl Mawene who has recovered from a knock.


"Colin Calderwood has a good record as a manager. He did well when he came to Hibs and took them out of trouble and I am quite sure he will take them out of trouble again but hopefully after Sunday. Garry O'Connor has scored some very good goals since he has come back so he has to be watched. They have a bit of pace and a lot of bright young players. It might be an away fixture but we want to be positive in this fixture. We managed to win 3-1 there at the end of last season with a very young team. We had thirteen under 21 players which must have been a SPL record.


"I think the game will be competitive and it will be a fairly tight game. It won't be a dirty game I am sure but it will be competitive perhaps because there is so much at stake but we are relaxed and determined about it and that is all we can be."

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no, we're doing very well at that. We're struggling at scoring goals. Which is a bit of a pain when it's the object of the game.


Is there something in the water at Pittodrie that makes managers go loopy, because Brown seems to be saying the same non sensical stuff that Magoo and others before him have said  :-\

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