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Youl Mawene - Good ene!

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Mawene wants a long-term deal with Aberdeen FC

Youl out to repay boss Brown

By Sean Wallace

ARRIVALS: Youl Mawene was Craig Brown’s first summer signing for Aberdeen FC.YOUL Mawene today revealed he is ready to commit his long-term future to Aberdeen FC.


The French centre-back was recently signed on a one-year contract.


But Mawene is so impressed with Aberdeen FC boss Craig Brown’s vision for the future he wants to pen an extended deal.


The 32-year-old said: “I want to stay longer at Aberdeen and sign another contract.”




Musn't have been put off by the sight of some of your mugs on tuesday night then ;)

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Would want to see how his fitness stands up to rigours of Scottish winter first before offering him any sort of extension.


He also looked a bit on the slow side when I saw him at Forfar so would like to see how he gets on in games being played at full pace before deciding on any sort of extension.

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The idea of giving anyone a contract extension before a single competitive game is lunacy.


Not so bad if there's no signing bonus or wage rise obviously but still taking the piss to think the club are so pathetic that no one needs to prove anything to be given a reward (even if that might be true...)

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FFS you couldn't make it up

The curse of season 2010/11 continues


Wonder who is next ::)


Thing is you could with this guy. He has only managed an average of 20 games a season since his major injury so was a pretty fair bet that he would be out injured a fair bit. 

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But if we want half decent players we have to take a gamble on ones that are maybe injury prone. The alternative is more like Ifil, Bus and Mair. We're fucked either way.  :wave:


How come Motherwell, Killie etc all seem to manage to sign decent players who are not injury prone so cannot see why we have to go gown that road.

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