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Stone Roses set to rake in loads of bucks


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Quote from Mani on a Primal Scream forum:


Pretty disgusting hijacking my ma's funeral don't you think. Yes,it's great that messrs squire and brown kissed and made up,that gladdens my heart,but they were both there to pay respects to a lady they loved and who loved them back. Wasn't conscious of us having played an acoustic gig at the crematorium !!!!. Ho hum, what do you expect from the gutter press. Bag of total fabricated shite, don't believe the hype !!!.
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EDIT: I don't think he has properly denied it though has he?


It's all over the web now, talk of two nights in Manchester getting announced on Tuesday.  If it does happen, I think it'll be a car crash.


Wouldn't wish to see it/pay for the privilege. I met Brown a few years ago when somewhat to my amazement he came up to me to start conversation. Decent lad, but when he asked if i was going to see him that night and I said yes, he said "It's going to be a fucking great show, big chap".  He lied.  Unless stopping 5 songs in the middle and shouting at your techs and then throwing a microphone at your sound technician ranks as a "fucking great show".


Saw him at the Barras... amazing. Everywhere else... Utterly woeful.  Leave it as it is.

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Depends on what defines "better".  They only did 2 albums so that doesn't make them great in my view, although they had a lot of very good songs.


Would take Blur, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Pulp over them in terms of being better.


The Charlatans are a better band than them, as are the Scream Team and Blur as you say. 


The Roses were a great album.

The Charlies, Blur, Primal Scream etc are great bands.

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