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Aberdeen v Hearts

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12 noon kick off for this one. No a big fan of early kick off's really as I generally think it dampens the atmosphere a bit. Anyway, it will be a difficult game as we have not beaten Hearts at Pittodrie since 2008 and with them flying at the minute. However, hopefully we can pick up where we left off against Hamilton!


In/Oot: In

Pre-Match: Flat

Match: RDU

Post-Match: Flat

Prediction: 1-1

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In/Oot: Oot

Pre-Match: Bed, up at 1145 for shower/change into red &white jammies!

Match: couch / shout at TV

Post-Match: nae decided; mood/result dependent! (Alcohol will be involved!)

Prediction: score draw, though would love to wipe the arrogant smile of the jambos I know faces!


Footnote: Wish AFC could flood toilets at away end wi water tomorrow to replicate conditions at Tynecastle in December; which damaged my favourite red boots, and fecked the bottom of a new pair of jeans  :(  Never in a million years though, as they didn't even acknowledge my polite email to them regarding the atrocious facilities at the time.


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