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Paul Hartley

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inspirational figure. he really is.


looking at the way he talks to our players throughout the game.


the way he barracks the opposition


the way he generally just struts about with his chest out, its great to see.


HOWEVER...i think weve been so starved of proper professionals over the years that its actually a little sad how we - i included - have latched onto this guy as being some kind of messiah


i want to hammer home that im happy hes at our club and that hes our captain, but...im sorry to say, he looks like a shadow of a player out on the park


the game seems to continually pass him by and my question is....can we afford that?

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i really dont know if we can.


when we had Zerouali, it was said that we could not afford to "carry" him as although he was capable of genius, he wasnt someone who worked his arse off for 90  mins, so why is hartley any different?


You have already answered that in your original post mate.


Zero did none of that and to say Hartley is past it is ridiculous too, he is not the player of old, otherwise some other cunt would have him but he has an influence, both directly and indirectly. Did you watch the Hibs game?


You do know who the highest scorers at the club are too don't you?

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Zero did none of what?


i seen the full 90 mins of the hibs game yeah


it defnitely "eeked" a little more out of him, did the hibs game, for obvious reasons


i honestly believe he is past it.


hes SO slow that its really easy to skin him


and yeah fully aware how many he's scored


however theyre not as a result of his fine outfield play...theyre penalties so they dont damage my points

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Comparing Zero to Hartley is like comparing a fish to a scaffolding pole.


Carrying a player who gives you one moment of genius is not an option for Aberdeen. Having a player who is a little off the pace of a game but brings fight, inspiration and cohesion to the team and ensures the relationship with the fans is taken care of throughout is a must for a club like Aberdeen. The question is can we afford NOT to have that ?

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I think it's a little unfair to say we're playing Hartley as there are no alternatives. He is a good player and a seemingly positive influence directly and indirectly in matches.


As you say BB he probably isn't going to be stellar every game, few players are but he may well be incapable of exerting the same direct influence every game but the indirect influence makes him virtually indispensable.


I was not a fan at all prior to his arrival but am thoroughly impressed by him, his attitude and his captaincy and am very pleased he's at AFC. 

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