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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Neil Simpson Testimonial Campaign

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Sadly it'll never happen.  This did the rounds several years ago and we approached the club about it, and it was a non starter.


Did they give a reason Kow?


I am all for Simmie getting a testimonial, it's no more than he deserves.  However, the club shouldn't have to be told to do this, it should be done off their own back.


It's no surprise they've not given him one, they didn't protect him enough in '88 and this is just a continuation of that.

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Did they give a reason Kow?


I am all for Simmie getting a testimonial, it's no more than he deserves.  However, the club shouldn't have to be told to do this, it should be done off their own back.


It's no surprise they've not given him one, they didn't protect him enough in '88 and this is just a continuation of that.


From June 2005...


The Board of Directors of Aberdeen Football Club has denied a recent fan-based nomination to award Dons legend and current Community Coach, Neil Simpson a testimonial.


In a letter to Dr. Gregor Reid, a Dons fan for 40 years, and copied to Fan representative Alan Duncan, the Board appeared to base their decision on several things, primarily the fact that every player awarded this honour has been currently playing for the club, while Neil’s career of twelve and a half years, 310 games, goals in “Pittodrie’s Greatest Night” and Super Cup and no sending offs, ended in 1990. The fact that he has served as Community Coach for three and a half years, thereby totaling 16 years with the club, sadly did not count. Normally, testimonials require 10 years service.


Dr. Reid commented, “You have to respect the Board’s decision based on existing policies, but it is extremely disappointing.” The fact that Willie Miller, a previous and deserving recipient of a testimonial, was part of the decision, is intriguing as no doubt he applauds the exceptional contributions that Simmy has made, and continues to make, to the club.


It was stated that testimonials have tended to be met with “considerable indifference”, and clearly it is not known how many fans would attend a game for Neil. A brief survey came up close to 750 names, suggesting a solid base for the event, especially from the Red Brigade and the Red Ultras. But given the right opposition and the positive feelings about the current team under Jimmy Calderwood, a good crowd could have attended a pre-season match.


The decision was also based on a fear of Neil having to cope with possible adverse reactions, presumably from Rangers fans. But Neil was behind the testimonial and told Dr. Reid he would have been “delighted and honoured to receive a testimonial”. As Dr. Reid says, “such decisions should not be based on how a team such as Rangers, who have inducted Graeme Souness known for his cynical tackling and sendings off into their Hall of Fame, might or might not react to such an event.” While the ‘tackle’ was an unfortunate incident, Durrant went on to have a productive and lengthy career that continues to this day, while Neil was penalized financially and faced lengthy, unfair retribution from the Old Firm biased Glasgow media. The rivalry between the Dons and Rangers long predates the ‘tackle’ and sadly continues to this day for reasons that have nothing to do with Simmy.


The Board stated a concern that “other former players with similar spells of service might also consider that they would deserve similar treatment”. In fact, only Doug Rougvie (12 years) and John Hewitt (10 years) would qualify, and what Dons fans would deny them a testimonial if people wanted to organize the event? The point is that a lot of fans did want to do this for Simmy, and while the club seems willing to grant the use of the stadium, it is a shame that such an event would not receive club endorsement and official recognition.


“This past two years, we have celebrated magnificent historical achievements at the club (1955, 1970, 1983), so I don’t see why we can’t continue this and plan events for Neil, as well as Doug and John if fans are in favour” said Dr. Reid. Given the Bosman ruling and today’s climate of agents and players going for the highest wages, it’s hard to see too many more testimonials ever taking place!


The Board’s decision looks like a final one, having previously discussed the issue. The question is would fan backing and support of sponsors be sufficient to reverse the decision? The Red Ultras are certainly behind this proposal, but will members, other supporters clubs, businesses, media and others come to the fore? If not a game, perhaps a dinner or another event? Or are we happy to let history be history and forget about honouring a fantastic legend and current-day coach? The fact that you won’t meet a nicer guy must count for something.


Time to decide.

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Teddy Scott got a testimonial for 25 years at the club did he not? Simmie has been at the club 21 years now, so give him 4 years and then we can have a big game for him too.


Somebody like Birmingham (or whoever McLeish/Strachan is managing then) up at Pittodrie (or Loriston) in our last pre-season game before the 2014-15 season works for me.


I'm sure the club could arrange something in 4 years.

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Normally a testemonial indicates 10 years service. Mackie's been on our books for 10 years ... fuckin NAE chance we've had 10 years of "service" from him.


Simmie lives, eats and breathes AFC for 21 years. Give him the testemonial he deserves. Although it might be an idea to wait until some of our fans come back again - I doubt even a top-class side would bring a full house with the Dons in their current state.

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A new petition has been started http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/neilsimpsontestimonial/


Neil Simpson is one of Aberdeen Football Clubs finest players.

His achievements in the game are exceptional:

AFC player 1978-1990 ( correct?)

310 appearences in all competitions with 31 goals scored.

Member of the AFC coaching staff for 11 years.


Major European honours-

1 European Cup winners Cup medal

1 Super cup winners medal


Major domestic honours-

2 premier division championship winners medals.

3 Scottish cup winners medals

1 Scottish League cup winners medal

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signed and also posted on facecraic along with the picture of the flag as my profile pic



Looking forward to a few hun bubblies at this  ;D


I just wonder if they will take the flag to Ibrox in January........if they do Im taking an umbrella.

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