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New season excitement?

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I think there is a bit of pre-season excitement this time round.


We have got rid of Kerr and McDonald, which has pleased most, and replaced them with proven quality in Hartley. And maybe Folly will prove to be a shrewd signing. We know that if we aren't scoring goals 60 mins into games, then we have a plethora of new options on the bench ready to come on. Aluko and Pawlett are back - two top quality players at this level, and Fraser Fyvie now has a bit of experience under his belt and will have a good season, imo.


Off the pitch, the new stadium plans look ace, and mark McGhee is talking less to the press (or is saying less stupid things about new signings etc) which is good. I'm looking forward to tomorrow ,and the new season overall.


Her's how I think we should line up tomorrow. (Foster is suspended)




  McArdle  Diamond  Ifil  Considine


      Young    Hartley      Folly


    Pawlett                Aluko




Subs: Howard, McGennis, Mackie, Fyvie, Maguire, Paton



After writing that - we actually half an OK team, with lots of options on the bench.



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Actually as I ever I can't quite help feeling a wee bit excited that I'll be heading up to Pittodrie tomorrow.  Of course I know that excitment will probably wane with in minutes but there is still that anticiaption building inside me.  Added to that is the fact we have all these new players who I haven't seen perform for afc before and hopefully Pawlett and Aluko coming back to fitness.


Line up tomorrow I would hope will be:



McArdle Diamond Ilfil Considine

Pawlett Fyvie Hartley Aluko

Striker A Striker B


Of course Pawlett and Aluko might not be fit so I suppose Mackie and Young would come in on the flanks (not that I'm suggesting this is a good idea btw)


Bring on the new season!

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I'll probably not see the Dons until Perth or the Killie game so will reserve judgement until I've seen them play a few times despite the result. If I can see a team with fight that want to play for each other and the club with the occasional bit of skill then I'll be feeling optimistic.


Not sure the above is too much to ask.

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Cautious optimism.


I don't think we'll really know if we've turned a corner until our first defeat or poor result, and the reaction to it in the subsequent game.


So we will know a week on Saturday then?  ;D


I am completely lacking in optimism, in case that didn't give it away...




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Im optimistic now - Midfield looks good on paper. Not alot of cover at the back with Foster suspended, think Jack could start, definatly need him on the bench. Hopefully Maguire or Paton steps up this season, I think I'd prefer to see Paton start tomorrow.


On a different note, is Megginson out on loan now?? Would have liked to see him get a few sub appearances, maybe a start in the league cup


Edit - I'm even more optimistic now I know BBC Alba is showing Hearts vs St Johnstone and not us

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TBH I wasnt bothered at all until I was at work last night, then I started to gwt excited about the new season realising we have got rid of the depressing faces that were stealing a wage last season and replaced them with at least interesting signings/youth.


I also realised that despite the criticism towards MM, he does know how to put a team together and to get them to play. I dontthink it will be the doom and gloom everybody is making out.


It is also good to see our captain take responsibilty for press confrences.  Not once through all of last seasons problems did our esteemed captaI show face pre or post match.

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