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Brechin v Aberdeen 3/8/10

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The Aberdeen first team are back in action tonight (Tuesday) as they travel the short distance down the road to play against Brechin City.


The fixture is a memorial match for the late David H. Will CBE, Former Brechin City FC Chairman, SFA President and FIFA Vice President.


Admission prices are £8.00 Adult £4.00 Concession.


The match kicks off at 7.45pm.



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Guest ally s


I'm finishing work early and heading up to this, not sure what to expect. I hope there's significant improvement from the last friendly I was at!

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Team: Howard

Jack, McArdle, Diamond, Considine

Young, Hartley, Fyvie, Mackie

Maguire, Magennis (4-4-2)




Brechin 0


Aberdeen 1

Fyvie (16)


Wonder how far from our starting XI v Hamilton that is?

With Foster suspended and Lanfield, Aluko and Pawlett all likely to be short of match fitness I would guess maybe dropping Jack and Magennis for Ifil and Vernon would be the only changes?

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Well, looking on the brightside, we were playing lower division sides pre-season (so-far) and we always get cuffed by them in the cups, so we should look forward to the Kaiserslautern game as we will probably hump 'em :thumbsup:















Probably  :-\

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Not reading much into this to be honest


Nor I. 


This time last year we were getting absolutely horsed in Europe by a team nobody had ever heard of before, destroying any confidence the players and fans had for the coming campaign.  Yet again our season will be shaped by how good a start we make so the Hamilton game is already a 'must win' as far as I'm concerned, I just hope the players treat it as such.


But I'm confident we'll be in better shape come our first competative game this season.


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I seem to remember a few years ago when we were playing our pre-season in Egypt and we were getting cuffed by a team called Aluminium!! That was dodgy.  I think we got cuffed by Arab Contractors as well  ??? Canna mind.  But that wasnt great. Must have felt like getting beat by Asda XI ;D


Onwards and upwards.

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