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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. I'll be a sheep and go wherever the flock does
  2. I'm shocked & stunned! I presume we'll be getting a mid morning train though to weegieland?
  3. Paid today, apologies for the hold up
  4. 1. Chimp 2. Jute 3. Northfield Quine 4. Andrew Ingram 5. Mathew 6. Edinburghdon 7. topcorner 8. Oxford 9. Oxford +1 10. Alfromsleep
  5. Hayes is a delight to watch when he's playing like last night, his markers must be knackered after it! A good performance last night in testing conditions. Defence seems much more confident without Clangers, with no hesitation to use Brown as a passing option who's distribution is so much better than the usual!
  6. Out Work BT Sport on laptop Flat 3-0, Rooney, McGinn, Hayes
  7. Some great finishing last night, peach of a cross from McGinn. As for the ref in the Timothy game, shocking isn;t the word for it. Complete scandal that Saints never got theirs then THAT dive...
  8. 1. Jute 2. Edinburghdon 3. Jagerdeen (Imma gonna make a day of it ) 4. Aberdeen Ladette 5. topcorner 6. Colin Simpson (Adult) 7. Colin Simpson (Adult) 8. Colin Simpson (Adult) 9. Colin Simpson (Adult) 10 Colin Simpson (cons) 11. Colin Simpson (cons) 12. Alfromsleep
  9. I've not got the bank details saved, can you text me them please
  10. 1. Jute 2. Edinburghdon 3. Tintin 4. Trish 5. Topcorner 6. mizer 7. Alfromsleep (I'll be there for sure this time!)
  11. I'll park at Union Square after and head up to Archies, will be there about half 6
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