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Hartley as captain?

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I would be surprised if this wasnt a major influence in hartley signing.  Mcghee will no doubt have told him if he comes he will be captain and the side will be built around him.  MM has taken a fair bit of stick from the fans over the past year but i have always maintained i wont judge him until he gets his own side on the park, that said i will be reserving judgement until they have had a chance to gel.  Getting Hartley is a huge signal of intent and ambition from Mcghee and club and for all the knocks they have taken they deserve praise for this.  Lee Hendrie could be a good player for us but i just cant shake the feeling that having a player that got it on with jade goodie is not the kind of influence i want in the dressing room...................  call me narrow minded if you want.  Zico as captain, yes please 

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Definitely right choice for captain. Despise(d) him, but great signing for us.


He has a winning mentality that we have been missing so much for years, he's a leader, and his experience/football intelligence should be a steep learning curve for our youngsters. Can see him kicking the a rses of those that need a boot up them, where as wi Kerr he was probably arranging where to meet for the after game p iss up.

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It might have been said elsewhere but this is not a great signing unless either Hartley plays well for at least a season and the rest of the team are decent enough not simply to undo any good work Hartley does. OR his being there attracts better players/encourages the current players to up their game.


Money dictates the signing better players is out the window, and I worry that paying Hartley's wages (and letting younger players like Williams pass by) also dictates that the rest of the team will be shit enough to undermine Hartley's ability. As for up-ing their game - if they couldn't up it when facing relegation then I doubt the ones left from last season are capable of playing any better anyway and as I said before, the rest we've signed (maybe other than folly) sound absofuckinglutely gash.


Time will tell.


But aye, fair choice for captain by default.

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