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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Bye Bye Davide


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Signed for a team in Italy according to RedWeb .....




Davide departs - 01.07.2010


Italian defender Davide Grassi will not be extending his stay with the Dons.


A spokesperson said: "The Club received a call explaining Davide had been offered a deal with an Italian club and given it is his homeland, his decision is understandable."


The Club would like to take this opportunity to wish Davide all the best with his future career.

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I'm no being funny but do you think we will get a better player in the up coming transfer season?


In fairness, we can't get much worse.  McGhee said of Grassi that he cost us a number of goals and therefore points last season.  If he can't scout a player who is capable of getting a better review than the one he gave Grassi then he probably shouldn't be in the job, and none of that is anything to do with money.

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  Grassi agrees new deal with Aberdeen FC

    Davide delighted to be coming back


    By Sean Wallace


    Published: 16/06/2010


    ITALIAN defender Davide Grassi today revealed he has agreed a new one-year deal with Aberdeen FC.


    Mark McGhee initially offered Grassi a short-term six month contract.


    But the former Parma youngster insisted he was worth a longer deal and successfully thrashed out an extended offer during showdown talks.


    Grassi said: “I got what I wanted as I have agreed a one-year contract with Aberdeen FC.”



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Ok, being realistic, how many players are we needing in now????!!!


I aint panicing but when you realise how long it is til the season starts, we really need players in very shortly.  I would prefer it if the new boys had some form of preseason with what little players we do have in.  Just wondering as well how far down the list of his 100 players he is down to now!!

Out of contract players will only be about for a wee while and we cant afford to hang about otherwise we will have a team of loan signings!!


I take it the Lee Miller money is still available to spend . . . . . . .  ::)

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So we have a first 11?

















Am I missing anyone?


Considering both Fyvie and Grimmer are 16 Mark McGod should realise we do actually need 10 players.


This could be a revolution, ::)

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If diddies like grassi think they're better off elsewhere then we may as well board up the turnstyles. Whilst far from sad to see him go, I am embarrassed for the club that someone playing way above his level has turned his back on them.

MMG must be bricking it. I know last year was poor, but surely someone would still like to play for us!

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I see it as a positive. I think it shows the club were only willing to pay him what they thought he was worth. If he gets to earn similar in Serie Z then so be it. Good luck to him and thanks for the effort toward the tail end of his Aberdeen career.

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