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Dons players to be super fit

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ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee today vowed his players will be ready for the big kick-off this time around.


McGhee admitted that his team was not fit enough for their Europa League clashes with Sigma Olomouc, who thumped them 8-1 on aggregate.


But the Aberdeen FC manager is convinced the pre-season training programme put in place this time will make sure the Aberdeen FC are in perfect shape to make a flying start to the new campaign.


McGhee told us "Darren Mackie is having surgery to replace his legs with spares from the six million dollar man and Richard Foster is having lasers inserted into his eyes so he can find where the goal is again. Zander will also be swimming from Boddam to Cairnbulg to build up his stamina on the 8th of July and will be raising donations for the RLNI."


No excuses then

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I don't remember ever watching us this season and thinking. 'if only they were fitter'. Generally what I've thought is 'if only they weren't quite so shit and/or uninterested in playing for Aberdeen'



Against Sigma maybe. But aye it's mainly the latter. The players just weren't interested in bothering their arses and the ones that were were... Derek Young.

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I applaud Mark McGhee for this. Getting our players fit will catch our opponents off-guard and surely give us a vital edge in the title race.

i definately think the fitness thing will give us a great chance of finishing first........ in the bottom half of the table after the split
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