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Grassi says sorry / EE reports offer of new contract


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ITALIAN defender Davide Grassi today admitted he fears his own goal against Kilmarnock could kill his Aberdeen FC career.


Grassi’s blunder helped Killie to a 2-0 win, which condemned Aberdeen FC to a bottom six finish for the first time since 2004.


The full-back, who is out of contract in the summer, hopes that will not derail his hopes of a new deal.


He said: “I apologise to the Aberdeen FC fans for that own goal, because I know it was costly.â€



width=380 height=249http://www.afc.co.uk/javaImages/d/fe/0,,10284~8715789,00.jpg[/img]


Taxi for Grassi!



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Dont blame him for the own goal at all, he didna ken the striker was offside.


To be fair to the boy he produced two great last gasp tackles in the box.


Unfortunately for him the rest of the game he was shocking, including getting in Zanders road when he had a clear shot on goal!!

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He should be apologising for the second goal, where he neglected to mark the only Killie player within a 40 yard radius of our goal.


Easy slip up to make I suppose, considering the guy was 6 feet 3 and wearing a blue and white striped shirt....how are you supposed to spot him ?





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Guest ally s


He was piss poor last night along with quite a few others. The only positive from his performance was he crunched that dirty bastard McCulloch.

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Aberdeen FC defender to be offered new contract


McGhee ready to hand Grassi new deal


By Charlie Allan


Published: 08/04/2010


DEFENDER: Aberdeen FC's Davide Grassi.

More Pictures


ITALIAN defender Davide Grassi was today told he will definitely be offered a new contract by Aberdeen FC.


Left-back Grassi, who is due to become a free agent in the summer, put in a great shift as a stand-in midfielder as Aberdeen FC lost 3-1 to Rangers at Ibrox in the SPL.


Dons boss Mark McGhee eased Grassi’s fears about being part of his summer cull by assuring the defender he will be offered the chance to stay at Pittodrie.


If this is true, McGhee and WM's sanity have to be questioned


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New contract for making pizza in the pie shack?


Maybe there's a footballer inside there somewhere and maybe McGhoo has someone in mind to sign in the summer to get the best out Grassi.


Hopefully he's on peanuts too so maybe worth keeping as a squad player?


Come on - AFC have posted up some highlights vids! (One goal and the other highlight was him getting sent off apparently  :-\ )



I'm trying to look for positives ffs, I mean, he definitely shows signs he could be a quality footballer - he's got long hair and an Alice band!


Or maybe McGhoo has been smoking too much Grassi... geddit... Grassi... smoking Grassi... geddit? :rastaman:







Mr Magoo will be responsible for signing his own replacement?


In Magoo we trust!

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