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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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"The Next Level"

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So what was this holy grail of Aberdeen Supporters? Was it Cup wins? Cup finals? Splitting the old firm? Consistently beating the teams in the bottom 6? Consistently bringing through talented youngsters season upon season? All of the above?


Answers by email to wtfisthenextlevel@ffsmail.com


For me it was moving on to converting the fuck ups in the cups into winning things, securing third place as our own and begining to close the gap on second.

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"The next level" in my eyes, was to be beating the teams in the lower half of the table every single time (you know like the old firm manage to) and being in amongst the top 2 right down until the end of the season, maybe getting a cup final or 2, and being in Europe every season.


This free-flowing attacking football i've read about would be a magnificent bonus, but to be perfectly honest, if we were playing rugby style instead and managing the above i'd be perfectly content.

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Last season's 'next level' and this season's 'next level' are two completely different things as the OP intimates.


Last season it would've been progress to be reaching cup finals and finishing a comfortable third but it seems Hibs are taking that step, even though we had the head start.


This season's next level is to finish secure top 6 and go out in any round of the cup so long as it's not to lower division.


Heady heady days.



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Despite the shiteness of the past few weeks, despite the empty coffers, despite the shite standard of football on the park in recent months, despite the constant humiliation at the hands of lower-league opposition, despite no silverware in over 15 years ... despite all of this, we are still able to pull regular (albeit dwindelling) crowds that other SPL clubs can only dream of.


In Scottish terms, Aberdeen still is a massive club. It is a club who can and should be fighting for at least 3rd place every single season. It is a club who should be at least in semi-finals every season. It is a club who should be in European competition every single season.


All I ask is that Aberdeen FC does what it should do!

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