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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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SPL Start Date 2010/2011

glasgow sheep

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Start date 2010/11 - 14th August




This seems to sum up for me what is wrong with Scottish Football.  We generally agree that doing well in Europe and giving our sides the best opportunity to do so is a good thing.  We also acknowledge that the late start this season had a seriously detrimental effect on our teams performance and that perhaps we should be starting the season a good bit earlier so that our qualifiers have the best possible chance to progress.


Furthermore it is recognised that shit weather means shit crowds and that midweek games mean reduced crowds.  So the later the start the less good weather and the more midweek games.


So what do the SPL do?  They look at the options:


31st July: apparently too early as we might have players involved in the World Cup (Really? That many? In the semi finals or beyond?)


7th August: Most clubs would benefit from an earlier start as this means less midweek games and so bigger crowds.  Also not up against the EPL so a bit more TV exposure etc and more games at a time of year when we might expect decent weather.


14th August:  A small number of big clubs (this number may be 2, they don't say) would gain even more money if they could play some big fancy EPL side at the beginning of August.  But then other clubs may lose out due to more midweeks, Euro qualifying etc.


So what do they do?  They choose the later option fucking up our european hopefuls while furthering boosting the bigger clubs (OF?) bank balance.


What a shower if incompetent cunts

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Is anyone even slightly surprised? Will there even be any SPL players at the WC? I can't think of any off the top of my head.


Also, it means that the majority of our players will have just 2 games under their belt before our Euro2012 qualifying campaign starts! Smart. Do they ever learn anything.


Finally, why do they feel the need to announce the start date of the SPL now? An early xmas day present for us all ???

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Has the SPL ever actually started any earlier than mid August? I don't think it has in my time.


I can clearly remember being at East End Park in the last few years for our game against Dunfermline and it was still July. Also think might have been at Easter Rd one year as well but not certain on that one

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I believe you are only in your early 30's Al  ;D


Better :thumbsup:


don't know where i got the Dunfermline one from but we did play the Arabs away on opening day of season 30th July 2005 [ think this was the one with the crowd queued right up the hill by 1.30pm.

We also played Hivs away on 29th July the following season

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