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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Andy Goram on "Bad Guy" Jim Leighton


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When I look back on it all now, they call me the keeper who walked out on Scotland. I didn't. I retired. I gave them a fortnight before the tournament to find someone else to sit on the bench. I don't want special treatment when football looks back at what I did, just honesty and fairness.


Don't paint it differently because it's Goram the hell-raiser against Leighton the consummate professional.


In my opinion, what Jim did when he walked out on Scotland a couple of months later during a Euro qualifying campaign put his country in the s*** far more than my decision two weeks before the World Cup did.


Yet he will never be remembered as a bad guy, and I will always be the keeper who walked out on his country. I guess that's the baggage I carry.




There's loads more of this shite if you care to follow the link (i wouldn't advise it).  He claims he deserved to play in 98 and not Leighton.  If that's the case then it's equally the case that Leighton deserved to play in 96 and not that cuntstick.


Also says that Aberdeen is a "side I have no love for", which comes as a relief more than anything.


Having read some more of the excerpts of his "book", he is very, very eager to claim he is "not a bigot", which kinda suggests he's a bigot. 


One of the more despicable of the huns, certainly in the same bracket as Durrant, McCoist, Brown and Willie Johnstone.

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Leighton was a FAR better keeper than Goram, in almost every part of his game (bar perhaps his kicking).


Very much agree with you Kow.  Goram was an excellent goalkeeper.  However, for a large chunk (no pun intended) of his career, Goram was overweight.  There are so many instances where this came into play, I remember one goal he lost in particular where a header went past him at his left shoulder. His weight meant that he couldn't get to it, but there was no suggestion in the press that he could have done better.  And of course that then meant that the ones he did get to, he appeared to be struggling to get to them and all of a sudden it was the best save in the world... maybe it was the best save in the world by a goalkeeper nowhere near as fit as his peers.  Goram's point blank reactions were fantastic and he certainly more or less won the huns matches against us on more than one occassion but Leighton pulled off saves Goram could only do in his dreams.


Goram, I would say, was a flash goalkeeper. Never really wanted to catch the ball and all the finger tip saves over the bar and round the post always look better than the catches. But Leighton always caught the ball if he could. 


Jim Leighton is the bravest goalkeeper I've ever seen, and that contributed hugely to him also being the best I've ever seen.  Snelders was probably "technically" better, but Leighton was just sheer natural ability.  It was a sad indictment of the times that in his last season with us he was the only one worth the gate money to watch.  Leighton, then Snelders, then Casillas are the best keepers I've seen in the flesh.  Goram simply just doesn't get a look in.

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Not a patch on Leighton? Are you for real?


WTF is it with every single contribution I make to the DT conversations being met with "wtf?", "you don't have a clue", or "you're an idiot".


Goram WAS a world-class goalkeeper. But he was still nowhere near as good as Leighton. Like Bobby says, Leighton's only fault was his kicking. But the amount of boots he took to his face in the name of laying claim to the ball was astounding, and again like Bobby says, there's very few saves that Leighton didn't hold onto where other keepers would palm it away.

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Goram was over in Antrim last month for a night of "cultural singing and entertainment". One of my workmates was there and told him he worked with me, a dandy. He wasnt too complimentry about us, not surprised but proves he is a cock.


All this pretending about not being a bigot, or not knowing who the loyalist terrorists is bullshit. He was a good keeper but Jim Leighton is miles above him in terms of not being a cock.

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i think the fact is leighton peeked in the 80's and goram in the early to mid 90's, therefore when goram was fighting with leighton, he was better, but whether he was a better keeper than leighton when both at their best...is far more debatable. in my opinion anyway.


the run when rangers almost got to the final of the old champions league, was an amazing tournament for goram. 92 was it?


he is however a cock.

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