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Thursday 14th December 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

Aberdeen v Eintracht Frankfurt

Stand Free!

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. . . . . never takes this long to agree compensation. Ever. My guess is mcghee is STILL holding out. If the tims dont cough up for Mowbary he might well still be their next manager.


Celtic have told McGhee they will not be employing him.  McGhee has said he's "Coming home to Aberdeen".  It'll happen, be cool.

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he's holdin out just in case, the tims are notoriously stingy and will want Mowbray to break his contract. He won't shaft WBA and we'll all look right tits when McGhee gratefully accepts their tatty crumbs.


Really hoping celts splash the cash or this could be diabolical

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sorry its not up to your high standards sharpie. Here was me thinking you were supposed to write your opinions about afc on here.



Go back and read it again, particularily starting with Jager's post and it'll fall into place  ;)

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McGhee to be confirmed as Aberdeen FC manager

Former Aberdeen FC player on his way to Pittodrie


By Charlie Allan  :wave:


Published: 10/06/2009


ON HIS WAY: Mark McGhee is set to be confirmed as Aberdeen FC manager today.


MARK McGhee will today finally be confirmed as the new manager of Aberdeen FC.


Aberdeen FC and Motherwell were holding final talks to thrash out a compensation package for the 52-year-old.


Sources at Aberdeen FC confirmed those were expected to end with McGhee cleared to head north and sign a two-year contract to become the 21st manager of the club he graced as a player from 1978-84.


Jager get doon and get on the telly!

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Ok - I've looked out my AFC top, scarf and bobble hat!


As soon as Neighbours is finished I'll head round.


If I get interviewed - should I tell them that McGhee is the messiah and we're gonna win the league? Then call Chick Dung a hun bastard?


You just going to wait 45 minutes and then head to the Pittodrie Bar?

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