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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

AFC to sue papers...

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over the indignity of being linked with Ian McCall for the manager's position.  Forget all the other zoomers we were linked with, the club obviously believe there is taking the piss and then there's taking the piss.


Don't know which papers it is, it was just on the SSN rolling news section saying we're taking legal action over reports linking us to the Binman.

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Fucking magic!  ;D


They should do more of this, especially considering the amount of utter bollocks that is written about them.  The debt would be halved in no time.


The amount made from suing the press/huns that claim we sing "Who's that lying on the stair well" would clear our debt alone

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Anyone else think the lady (camp chairman in this case) doth protest too much?  Sounds to me like he is resigned to losing Mcghee and looking for a replacement already though  he doesnt want Mcghee to know this of course for hope of another lithuania flight scenario.

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aye was a mistake by ssn, it's quite shocking how regularly they make mistakes regarding scottish football. if it aint the old firm they dont give a flying ....!

thought it was a bit strange when first read it then went on the setanta news and saw the exact same story only it was well instead of us!!

it woulda been nice to fund some signings with the legal money though!!!  ;D

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it woulda been nice to fund some signings with the legal money though!!!  ;D


Perhaps we could sue SSN for claiming that we were going to sue to papers?  ;)


Mcall has signed a new 3 year contract with Thistle.


A Thistle fan at my work reckons they've upped his salary from £40k a year to c£50k a year - not sure how accurate that is, but it's no bad for a Division 1 manager/binman.

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I remember me and Bobby_Biscuit saw the dirty bastard in a pub on Sauchiehall street too - we should have battered the hun bastard! (Was that the night we fired into the fat irish birds at the place on royal exchange square? haha)


haha! that's right! Forgot about that.

No comment re fat Irish birds.

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