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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Lawrie Sanchez

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2 separate people?


Jesus and Allah?


Or perhaps Mystic Meg and Russell Grant?


Nae sure why folk bother their arse to start these rumours any more.  :thumbsup: Do they think anyone believes them? Is the SLYFOX sitting at home rubbing their crotch with glee as folk reply?


Lawrie Sanchez? Awa and give yerself a dirty sanchez!

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i heard this one mentioned yesterday. But then again i heard jim magilton mentioned too!! ::) Which has now been proved to be bollocks!


His style of footie is terrible. We simply wouldn't be attractive enough for him to come here anyway.


Tomorrow still on then jager?

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Slyfox - first with the latest?  Blast from the past.  I seem to remember his rumours being unreliable, but some of you feckers are just mean.



Welcome on board Mr Fox, you get a mention in the "Whatever hapened to..." thread.  :thumbsup:

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Not too sure either way


Yes he was a disaster at Fulham but he also took Northern Ireland from 127th in the world rankings to 27th in the space of 3 years and wycombe wanderers to the FA Cup semi final


seems to revel being in charge of the underdogs and he can find better dutch trialists on teletext than any of Calderwoods 'contacts' can find in the dutch league

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Aaaargh you are all driving me mad  :hammer:


Fucks sake bring back the threads about all the players we are gonna sign - it has to be better than this  >:D




We wont be signing anyone until we get a new manager sweetie  :-X

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