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Aberdeen to appeal Mulgrew red card

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"Having viewed the video evidence, the referee acknowledged that it clearly shows player Steven Fletcher was in an offside position when he struck the ball.

"However, given the circumstances (i.e. the offside decision having not been given), the referee had to conclude that the player was correctly sent off."


Hang on - Dean Windass was sent off 3 times - using this logic, after the first red card, he was already removed from the game, so no subsequent card could be given.


Excuse as to why Barry "mink" Ferguson wasn't even carded for grabbing Ricky Foster by the throat - "The ball wasn't in play"


It's any old excuse to let the SFA/SPL perpetuate this utter farce of a league called the SPL.


It's about time someone stood up to this nonsense - I thought United were to do it last season - but all that seems to have "gone away".


Get one thing right - if this had happened to the huns or paddys, and they lost points, the game would have been replayed and there would have been no suspension. It's one rule for the Old Firm, one rule for the "dross"

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Willie Miller blasts SFA over Charlie Mulgrew red card error


Oct 14 2008


WILLIE MILLER last night slammed the SFA for refusing to scrap the red card Charlie Mulgrew was wrongly issued in the defeat by Hibs.


The Aberdeen defender is banned from Saturday's SPL clash at Falkirk despite referee Mike McCurry admitting he blundered in the build-up to the handball incident that led to his dismissal.


McCurry and his assistant both failed to see Hibs striker Steven Fletcher, who kicked the ball on to Mulgrew's hand, was clearly offside.


Dons director of football Miller said: "The SFA have shown a complete lack of common sense. It's an injustice.


"They have applied the rule to the letter and not thought things through.


"We didn't ask for the result to be overturned or officials to be punished. All we wanted was justice for Charlie and we are upset we didn't get it."

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Having just watched the replay on bbc again - fletcher was offside in the initial play as well - so the linesman has had an even worse day.


I'm trying not to dwell on this game. We just have to get it up the SFA by playing good football and winning games by scoring more than the opposition cunts. They'll be fucked then....Nice to see WM come out in the press against the SFA as well  :thumbsup:

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