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This time last year

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Having watched Everton and Motherwell tonight, we did amazingly well last year to reach the group stages.


Didn't see Everton but I thought Motherwell were piss poor tonight. They defended very poorly (something we did very well in Europe last year) and looked devoid of ideas going forward. Their Calderwood-esque tactics towards the end were utterly comical. McGhee for manager ? Na, not that fussed really.

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from recollection i'm taller than you - so that must make you as wee as ? ? ? !!!


Nuthin wrong with bein ginger, whale-boy - won't make me die of premature heart disease! Surprised yer keyboard still works with all the crumbs stuck in between the keys!!!  In fact - did minijc not used to say his keyboard was fucked - that'll be the reason!


Maybe that was the night you were wearing your heels?  :thumbsup:


Aye there is  ;D haha im just big boned my beer bellies getting smaller and smaller soon all you will be able to throw at me is the fact that im an arsehole...........and guess what - you will still be ginger  :thumbsup:


what is this anyway pick on the fat kid day?  ::);D

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big boned?  ;D


next ye'll be telling us you're heavy because muscle weighs more than fat!  ;)


You were even smaller with your "special booster shoe" for yer uneven leg lengths - the fold around leather number  ;D


every day is pick on fat kid day! Their clogged arteries are clogging up the NHS!


Back on topic - how many kebabs did Stoney manage to scoff in Greece?  :wave:


Thats not bad actually wish i had thought of that!


Pffft shoes give me a break im a trainers man  :thumbsup:


As oposed to folk who fall over and break their legs you probably cost the NHS more then me this year ;D ;D


Hey give me a break they were delicious  :thumbsup: and thats before my health kick started  :wave:

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