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  1. It seems to me that Brentford suffered the Arsene Wenger Arsenal curse of thinking you had to pass the ball into the net. Got a soft spot for them so have watched a few of their games since the season restarted and tonight,as with the Barnsley game which cost them automatic promotion in the first place, it was genuinelly frustrating that not one of their players ever seemed to get 25 yards from goal and just think 'fuck it, I'm hitting this as hard as possible' Fulham's second goal was even more sickening when they showed Brentford's strikers how it was meant to be done. Would have been nice to have someone different from the usual shower in the joke league. Might even have made time to occasionally watch match of the day again.
  2. Question for those who were actively interested/ involved during the Ferguson era. When Ferguson turned up was there any press/ rumours that whilst he had taken the Aberdeen job his dream was to manage another one, and everytime that particular club were looking for a new manager, he was linked to the point it was assumed he just biding his time at the Dons? My impressions of Ferguson was that once he got his teeth into a team his only goal was to make them the best and speculation about him moving to Liverpool, Manchester United, Sevco or anyone weren't an issue. I know this was a different time ie no social media, 24hr news and it was even difficult on occasions for National UK press to get a story from far flung corners of Scotland. Now jump forward to 2 of our last 3 managers Mark McGhee I can't say I was enamoured with his appointment at the time but there were a fair few people salivating at the prospect for his Gothenburg connection, his performance at Motherwell or whatever. My expectations were lowered further when it was made clear he really wanted the celtic job and the dons were effectively the booby prize, perhaps just something for him to pick up a wage until Tony Mowbray was punted. Derek McInnes After the Mark McGhee fiasco I kept an open mind about his appointment but from the moment he showed up there was a rumour he was just waiting for the West Brom job to come up. This rumour has continued throughout his tenure and then there was the potential deathnail on his career which was the Sevco management. The Scotland job has also been brought up several times. My point being 2 of our last 3 managers have both potentially taken the job with one eye firmly on another from Day 1 and would be ready to jump ship at a moments notice. This potentially hinders their ability/ interest to continue developing their skills as in the back of their mind they are just waiting for what they see as a better job to be given to them. If you have ambition to climb the ladder the proper way (for me anyway) is you have to excel at your current job ie show creativity, adaptability, that you can handle a crisis well and be willing to change something if it isnt working, to the point that should your dream job actually become available there wouldnt even be any question of you needing to interview for it as they would be begging you to come to them, almost like they were trying to sign a Ronaldo, Messi etc. I just can't imagine McInnes winning the Scottish Cup and then publicly slate the teams performace in a post match interview.
  3. American History's Biggest Fibs on BBC 2, BBC 4 and Iplayer. Episode 2 was on BBC 2 last night with the final one supposedly being shown next saturday however a quick scan of certain news outlets has people up in arms over the host Lucy Worsley reading out a historical quote from John Wilks Booth which contained a certain word beginning win 'N', so I wouldn't be surprised if it was pulled. The revelations Lincoln didn't actually give a fuck about slavery, the celebrated abolition of it actually meant little or nothing changed other than it was no longer called slavery, or that the 13th Amendment which allowed it to carry on is still used by Starbucks and several other big names to get free labour from prisons apparently means fuck all because the BBC didnt bleep out a word attributed to a historial racist murderer. Reminds me of Billy Connolly's bit about finding out Fred West didn't approve of him because of his use of bad langauge
  4. Am I the only person who thinks Arsenal's second goal should have been disallowed for a foul on the chelsea defender after his slide tackle? The amount of powder puff, pathetic (and so on) incidents VAR will chop goals off for and yet getting a studs up challenge in the small of your back after you get to the ball first is OK?
  5. To reduce the chance of any future arguments here is the full updated list Rules: 1. One name per points tally for the season, first come first served! 2. Only allowed to change prediction until closure of January transfer window as along as it is to an empty tally. 78 77 76 75 74 - MBT 73 72 71 70 69 68 - danthedon 67 - RicoS321 66 - Manc_don 65 64 - Wee Toon Red 63 62 - BigAl 61 60 - Jute 59 58 - Elgindon 57 56 55 54 - Tom_Widdows 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 ------- Previous Champions: 2009-10: Dave_min (41 points) 2010-11: BigAl (38 points) 2011-12: Snapper (41 points) 2012-13: Tyrant (48 points) 2013-14: 2014-15: Dandy (75 points) 2015-16: Dandy (retained due to no correct scorer) 2016-17: Rico (76 points - Flawless Victory. Nothing questionable about it at all) 2017-18: Tom (73 points) 2018-19: DantheDon (67points) 2019-20: No winner - DantheDon retains title following an independent inquiry
  6. More evidence to throw back at an english football fan who criticises any other league. Remains to be seen if Charlton lodge a legal challenge. In fact given how precarious clubs finances are every team who finished below them could club together to sue the EFL for prize money they missed out on. If for some reason Derby get the maximum 21 penalty I reckon the lawyers will be in feeding frenzy
  7. Sheffield Wednesday given a 12 point penalty for the start of next season. Perhaps the EFL decided they had enough headaches sorting out the relegation from this season without adding Wednesday to it (they would have finished bottom of the league had the penalty been applied for the most recent season) Remains to be seen if Derby get the same treatment
  8. Alan Parker - 76 Think the first film of his I saw was 'Mississipi Burning' then a few weeks later my English Teacher showed us this which was probably more appropriate for my age at the time
  9. Just knew the band as a part of an Austin Powers joke but this randomly came up in my Youtube recommended videos feed. Chicago bulls fans will probably recognise it.
  10. More 'leaked' emails published by Der Speigel which seemingly undermine the CAS verdict. I would laugh so hard if the CAS verdict was thrown out especially watching how those City officials who demanded an apology back track. 7th August is possibly the first time I've wanted Real Madrid to win a game
  11. What's happening with Scott Wright? Did he ever recover from that cruciate ligament injury?
  12. Is that practice not illegal? Something in the back of my mind says it was banned/ loophole was closed after the Carlos Tevez situation at West Ham ie all wages must come directly from the football club's income.
  13. Does that include 'walk/ fly-ups' on the day?
  14. Doesnt really concern me but out of interest what would need to be done/ paid to get the little padlock next to the site address?
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