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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

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  1. As featured on Romesh Ranganathan's christmas special
  2. Sportscene is (or at least was) available on Iplayer
  3. Hows this for a goal line clearance? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55783169
  4. Hibs Hibs-ing it again 3-0 down at Hampden despite seemingly dominating the game. Great to hear a few pundits saying 'I can't see past hibs' and adding in other comments along the lines of 'hibs have so much quality, st johnstone have fuck all etc etc. Meanwhile down south Cheltenham take the lead against Man City
  5. Spoken like a true 'rookie' property developer
  6. Would seem to be a shrewd business move to incorporate the facilities of transition into the masterplan but its the sort of thing that gets punted as soon as the QS comes back with the initial costs.
  7. Still reckon they will need that patch of grass next to codonas as well. I wouldnt be surprised if part of the thinking behind this is 'they could use the retail and leisure parks parking facilities that way the stadium wont need them' The 'beach masterplan' has been on the go so long I wonder if the trams are still in the pipeline. My honours year project was actually 'Aberdeen breach - improve it' but strangely enough not one of us hit upon the idea of sticking a football stadium on that site. Memory is sketchy but I think one of my friends put an 'indoor beach' there (similar to this
  8. Does anyone have the gist of the article as its only seems to be for subscribers? Is the site in question the old doubletree hotel? If so its a non-starter unless they add in the skatepark, playpark, extreme sports building and the grazed area between the beach boulevard and Codonas.
  9. 2-2 and Brown sent off. Perhaps now the Tic are no longer running the show his 'immunity from prosecution' has finally been revoked?
  10. Much like predicting he would come good just before he hit is purple patch in the previous 2 seasons, I'm going to stick my neck out and say that if he does leave for a lower league english team he will absolutely thrive. Not sure if he will ever 'make it' in the premiership but he'll certainly be one of those players who scores barrel loads in the championship which will put him into that weird category of players the likes of West Brom etc sign for tens of millions for little return. And good luck to him if he does.
  11. Richard Leonard Offski Suppose its time for Anas Sarwar to finally get the gig and see if he can be just as useless
  12. At the risk of getting back on topic Game has been rescheduled for 30th January meaning Dons play Livi twice in the space of 4 days (Home game against them on 2nd February)
  13. Derby appear to have been in the financial shit for a while now so I am not surprised they are one of the first of the next batch of clubs to announce problems paying their players down south. Unlike Sheffield Wednesday they managed to get away with the stadium sales trick but failure to get promoted in the playoffs 2 seasons back suggests they were gambling alot on getting TV money.
  14. Kudos must go to 'powerleague' Townhead. Games were only cancelled when the pitches were completely buried by snow. Perhaps Livi and co should invest in a bright red, or blue pitch with all black penalty areas
  15. Presume Oxford will be updating the definition of the term 'all-weather'
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