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  1. Its in this video from the club along with a few others. Don't remember him being so animated https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=982317055607539
  2. This was the first league point under Skovdahl's reign Love the 'lazy' finish by Jess for the first goal. Bizarre thing is the official stats give Winters goal to ricky Gilles??
  3. Personally what comes to mind for me was his celebration after Andy Dow's winnder in the 2000 Scottish cup final Managed to meet him after the 5-1 home win over Kilmarnock the week before the final and got him to sign a red-final cartoon of him as an escape artist with stewart Milne as his 'glamourous assistant too The first league goal of his management
  4. Least they do it in a clubs private tv channel. Not like Jock Brown with Sevco on Setanta sports back in 2005
  5. In fact its a double fuck up as the last 3 games at Tannadice finished 1-0 (2 dons wins, 1 arabs)
  6. Thats a fuck up by the afc site. Game was at Pittodrie and Dons were the winners
  7. No they didnt 1-0 win for the dons (March 2nd 2016) - Simon Church goal According to AFC Heritage the last time the arabs beat the dons 4-2 was at Pittodrie back in the Calderwood era How many times did the globes smacked you on the head on your last trip to Dundee?
  8. Steve Clarke must be reading this board
  9. All the bullshit worrying about playing the norwegians Republic Oot NIRN through
  10. Some cracking games in the league cup tonight, and the BBC have pushed the boat out and included goalscorers and live text unlike yesterday Brora, Kelty and Montrose giving Brazil 1970, St Johnstone and County a run for their money Even Brechin seem to be giving it a go against the arabs
  11. McKenna gets a new manager at Forest Ex Brighton boss Chris Hougton
  12. Gary Woods (ex County, Hamilton) in as short term cover for Cerny who is apparenlty injured
  13. Marley's namesake gets a hat trick to bring on one of those 'bizarre' scorelines Englandshire seems to be barking on about Everton to get their first title since 1987?
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