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  1. Squeeky bum timer at both ends of the table Rules: 1. One name per points tally for the season, first come first served! 2. Only allowed to change prediction until closure of January transfer window as along as it is to an empty tally. 74 - MBT 73 72 71 70 69 68 - danthedon 67 - RicoS321 66 - Manc_don 65 64 - Wee Toon Red 63 62 - BigAl 61 60 - Jute 59 58 - Elgindon 57 (fourth place & European
  2. Its grim in there Not quite as grim was watching 10mins of the game and not being able to recall a single dons pass inside the st johnstone half
  3. Presuming Hendry cant play so that reduces the chance of a dons goal by a further 302%
  4. Seems bizarre when Lennoxtown and Cormack Park will surely be available But when does anything with the SFA ever make sense
  5. Presume the Algarve trip is to help aclimatize to the scorching temperatures of Euro 2020
  6. And Yugoslavia were twice the 4th best team in the world (two world cup semi finals) and twice the 2nd best team in Europe reaching the european championship final twice. Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia have all played at major tournaments and North Macedonia will be at Euro 2020 this summer. Montenegro reached the playoffs for Euro 2012 losing out to another supposedly 'fairly new' country the Czech Republic Kosovo reached the playoffs for Euro 2020 losing out to North Macedonia. That part of the world has a proven record in international sport. Frankly its lazy and patronis
  7. Thats it confirmed now https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/04/01/allan-russell-joins-new-management-team/?fbclid=IwAR2vM7gcqE8EqA1oNXauakiHOTCCH__GHqZi3eTN6G9Rn1xdqEMR8nDnFhA
  8. I just find it amusing that no one bats an eyelid when the Croatians beat the Germans (well not since 1998) but when their fellow former Yugoslav republic neighbours North Macedonia (previously FYR Macedonia) do it suddenly its a shock
  9. Which one of those nations is fairly new?
  10. Visqueen is a company that makes various tanking, gas protection & damp proof membranes. Not sure if they will guarantee their product with the method you are proposing but best of luck with the project
  11. Finally get a goal? Much like Kris Boyd in a Scotland shirt
  12. If yer going with concrete put the DPM under the slab so it stops ground moisture at the first hurdle and protects what is the main structural layer. You can then fix battens/ posts etc into the slab without damaging it - DPMs should never be fixed with nails etc as these lead to tears effectively making it useless.
  13. Well given the questions were given to him in advance that wouldnt surprise me
  14. Think we need a bit more info. Is the shed bolted to the slabs or held down by its own weight? By slabs do you mean paving slabs similar to those used to make paths, and if so were these laid specifically as a based for the shed or were they there as a patio? Is the area around the shed flat, or are there any slopes falling towards it? My initial thought is to move or carefully dismantle the shed and put down a minimum 150mm thick concrete slab with suitable Damp proof membrane on 50mm sand and min 150mm sub-base/ well compacted hardcord. If you want to insulate it put minimum 50mm P
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