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Re: Managers in England
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Interesting first news conference (to Spurs TV) from Jose.

He said that he will continue to make mistakes but that they will be "new mistakes" as he isn't going to be making the same mistakes as he made before. A rare show of humility and admission that he did make mistakes previously, not that this wasn't obvious to everyone although possibly except him at the time, when he was at Chelsea and Man U.

By the time he was shouting "Respect Respect Respect" at Old Trafford, he was gone. He wasn't enjoying it, Pogba had undermined him and he had lost the dressing room. When the players turned it on for OGS in the two months after Mourinho, they did their club a disservice. The suggestion was that OGS was some sort of messiah or genius, and Rio Ferdinand famously fell foul of this overly-optimistic unrealistic thinking when as a pundit he was getting his wallet out and saying that "we are back".

West Ham may well get thrashed in his first game but the real tests are going to come thick and fast. I reckon we will have a good idea how successful or otherwise he's going to be at Spurs pretty quickly.

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