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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Goals:Games Ratio


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Statistics are like miniskirts...


                Games      Goals        Ratio

Lovell          87          24          0.28

J. Smith        87          18          0.21

Mackie          248        51          0.21

Miller          75          14          0.19

Nicholson        116        19          0.16

Aluko            24          2            0.08

De Visscher      25          2            0.08

Severin          143        11          0.08

Diamond          151        11          0.07

Maguire         49          2            0.04


(Games = starts + subs appearances added together)

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To be fair, Lovell's 24 goals includes the one against Berwick that was an og so only got 23 total, which makes Mackie's record under JC actually slightly better!!


That said, I know it was scored by him technically, but was the one Alan Combe chucked against Mackie's head really down to striking prowess? It wasn't even down to getting into a dangerous position...

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Did he not score in the Falkirk cup replay? RedWeb says yes.


Yeah, BBC has him listed as a scorer for that game.


Can't have added the Celtic goal on yet obviously, same way they haven't added Makcie's


They maybe just update the stats after all the games in each round are finished with...

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