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What's everyone's thoughts on the following.


Ok so I am thinking of going for Australian citizenship.


I would have to swear allegiance to Australia and the Queen.


2 things I find hard to do without losing my soul.


I know it's just words but I have integrity and don't like to lie. ;D


I feel somehow, my Scottishness would be weakened by having another passport.


But Scottishness has changed in the last few decades and more recently IMO due to the independence debate.


It doesn't seem to mean as much anymore to millions. Maybe it never did.



Living in Australia has been awesome and I appreciate every day I live here.


The lifestyle is amazing, education fantastic, health system is one of the best in the world, the people are friendly, their love of sport is admirable, weather obviously great and the food is fantastic.


There's a good positive vibe in general unlike miserable cunts from Scotland who just moan all the time and want to prove how hard they are zzzzzzzzzz.


Has anyone else got dual-citizenship and how do they feel about it?


At the end of the day it's just a few pieces of paper and probable security rather than any allegiance.


Hope I can answer some of the questions in the test haha.





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We did it last year. I didn't have to swear to the queen, not even God!!!


The affirmation (the Oath is the religious one) has you swearing your loyalty to Australia and its people, no mention of auld lizzie.


I love it here and am not going back so it was a no brainer for me, I just saw it as a natural step up from 457, PR then citizenship. I feel like I'd just be pretending otherwise. I've also got high school aged kids and it makes a big difference to University fees and the like.


Get it done.


plus the Auzzie passports are cheaper.

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Been in Canada 29 years (30 in April) and took citizenship in 2005.  It wisna painful, still a rabid Dons fan, still hae an Aberdeen accent just carry a Canadian passport.  We travel to the US a fair bit which makes it easier but as someone else pointed out, I won't be back to stay.  The health care, the standard and cost of living here is great.  Go for it min, you've really nothing to lose.

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I'm a European citizen, just the way I like it.


Some English fascists think that they have the power to take that away from me.


They haven't.




Just like you mate I'm not British I'm Scottish that's also European and proud of it.

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I've lived in Australia for 22 years and I'm still on my permanent residential visa.

I have no interest in becoming an Aussie. I see no point in it. The only pain with the permanent residential visa is that every time I go back home I need to get a returning visa to get back into Australia, which is no problem.

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3 years to the day after we moved to Melbourne, we got offered citizenship.


I am very grateful for that letter in the post. It was unexpected. We never thought we would be there long term but it forced us to start thinking a bit longer term. Half our kids were born there.


Within about 3 weeks, we sold everything and flew home. We have not been back since. Nor will I personally ever visit there again. No point. Been there, done that, there is nothing more in that country I want to see. My only regret is not visiting NZ but we will do that one day, no doubt via HK and Japan.


I always felt the world was happening somewhere else. It’s a cultural desert, other than the Aboriginies and we all know what happened to them. I despised Australians. Thickest and most racist people on planet Earth.

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