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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Kris Boyd's Scotland Squad Opinion


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Anyone unhappy with that is a miserable cunt.


Some great play by a new look team against top opposition!


That touch and run by Fraser was first class.


Holland were very lucky to win that.


We were also missing our 3 best players arguably.


McGregor is fantastic.


Great friendly to try new guys out and to enhance or expose players.


With the right manager we could be a superb team.

Friendlies are not my thing.

Decided against my better judgement to go, last international at Pittodrie, some local interest.........


What I witnessed did not surprise me, the Dutch seemed to treat it more like a training session.

Did I find it entertaining? No

What I did like was the amount of players from the Scottish Leagues, I genuinely believe this is the way.

Whether this was down to Mackay or players/ teams south of the border not wishing to be involved in a meaningless friendly is anybodys guess.

I fear whoever the next manager is, normal service will resume.


Jack did well when defending but showed his limitations when he went forward.

Had acres of space on many occasions in the 2nd half (due to Depay not giving  shit at the defending stuff) and his crossing was poor.


Teirneys defending was very good, not sure about the Hollywood passes.

Mulgrew did very well when he came on.

McLean was quiet 1st half , did ok 2nd half.

Christie I thought was average, got knocked off the ball very easily.

McGinn impressed me, have not seen much of him but looked like a very good player in what was a congested midfield.

Gets stuck in and seems to be a good passer.

Forrest was a disappointment.

Phillips, how did he lasted 86 mins ? Maybe not his fault as he is not a CF.


Finally very disappointed Shinnie did not get on, it would have lifted the crowd at very least.


No more friendlies for me.


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Hanlon's half decent, but no better than Berra.


McKenna a long way off Scotland too. Liam Lindsay might turn out to be decent, but could be a flash in the pan. Younger Souttar too looked like he'd be good, I'd get him in sooner rather than later and try and build him for the future.


Forrest is an eternally pish Scotland player and should never play again. Fraser ahead of him every single time.

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Guest kiriakovisthenewstrachan

Agree that Forrest had a poor game last night Rico but that was all that it was.  Came away from Pittodrie the other week (when we'd been humped) and realised how good the guy was.  Thought he was sensational that night and showed what he could do.  Pace is frightening.


Fraser is a good prospect but still very unproven.

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Guest kiriakovisthenewstrachan

Here's my next Scotland team: -


Clangfield (until I can think of someone)

Paterson - Jack - McKenna - Tierney

Armstrong - Brown - McGinn - Christie

Fraser - Griffiths



Jack and McKenna at centre half?  WTF Rocket, you been on the Babycham already?  :rofl:

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Hey guys, I know it’s radical, I know it’s nonsense but think about it...


Jack was really impressive in defensive duties last night, like really good.


And McKenna is young, and he’s hungry, and he has cunt about him *


Plus there’s no obvious quality looking at the CB positions.


It’s thinking outside the box, something we as a nation are terribly poor at.



* I lived in Melbourne for 3 years and every Saturday, we used to skin these various Aussies on the golf course. They paid our annual Country Club subs every 2 to 3 months in their gambling losses. We were all 2-4 handicap golfers but this dude from NZ came over, a mate of my four ball partner, about 5/7 years younger than us and he was a cut above us all in golf ability. After a couple of weeks, one of the contributors to my wallet, a regular golf opponent asked me what I thought about the young Kiwi. “Beautiful golfer” I said, “just wonderful to see him in action” (he played for his country in his youth). This guy - a couple of years older than me - surprised me with his retort. “Yeah yeah, he’s not got enough cunt about him” he said. I thought “you sick fuck” thinking like that. But many years later, I learned he was 100% spot on. To succeed in anything, you need major cunt about ye. McKenna has got that. He hates losing. He will empty a cunt who takes the piss. You can’t teach attitude and desire. Throw them in the deep end more often. Then we see if they swim or sink.

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