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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Dons vs saints

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Looked like a solid, well organised, performance on the highlights. Shinnie looking good.


Can we put the "his legs are gone/past his best/outgrown him etc" shite to bed now that Rooney has scored a hat-trick? Great performance loon, in the right place at the right time again. He's good at this level and will serve us easily for the remainder of his contract


One slight complaint if I may. We went 3-0 with 10 minutes to go. Surely a double sub of Wright and Ross at that time? We had the time it took for the penalty to get them warmed up. Think Ross is going to be a fantastic player from what I've seen of him. A little bit more beef on him from last season too, although a bit to go also. Will be our Christie replacement I reckon, but a slightly different style of player obviously. We need to get all these youngsters on as soon as games are finished off. Make a triple sub if you must get Maynard on, however his minutes should not be a priority (he got on before Ross). Anyway, just a slight criticism on a great day.


I'd say, in regards to Rooney, the signings of Maynard and May plus now not being a guaranteed starter have maybe given him the much needed kick up the arse he needed? He looked very lively yesterday.

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It could be, of course, that Rooney is just an extremely slow starter after the summer break ( or that he needs a longer break)


It does seem that McInnes tries to replace him at the start of every season, and given his scoring record, that doesn't really make much sense.

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Go me getting the score and scorer correct  :thumbsup:


Thoroughly enjoyable performance in the sun - love our red strip - might have to just come to Pittodrie from now on


Great to see Rooney scoring and the team playing so much better than my trips to Murrayfield and Motherwell.


Bring on the Hibees.........

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