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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Aberdeen 1st team squad 2017-18 and the upcoming season

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Well, I think we're as strong and as deep a squad as we've had in a very long time, keen to hear the perspectives of the optimists and pessimists -


Lewis, Rogers, Logan, Considine, OConnor, Reynolds, Arnason, GMS, Stewart, Wright, Christie, Tansey, Shinnie, McLean, Rooney, Stockley, Maynard, Storey, Storie


That's 19 who have all played first team football and you add McKenna, Harvie, Ross, and a few other young boys, we're quite deep.


We did a pretty good job of getting signings in early, Kari missing the first two European games but we got the job done. DM said we'd replace the outgoing players with quality, here's my take -


Taylor - replaced by Kari - need to see him play to see if the legs are still the but I have to assume they are - upgrade and a strong personality and leader


Christie - back again on loan again, brimming with confidence, I predict a strong year - upgrade as he'll be a regular starter and find true form


Jack - most overrated player, Tansey is as good as if not better plus I think Shinnie will have a stronger year as our central midfield captain and leader


Pawlett - had gone stale, role replaced by a combo of Wright, Rooney, and Maynard - same as if not upgrade, would love to see more of Wright


Hayes and McGinn - replaced by GMS and Stewart - strong and younger replacements with greater upside - same with potential to be better if they both find consistency. McGinn had gone stale after a great dons career and I think Hayes peaked last season.


Certainly looking at it with red tinted spectacles after yesterdays result but very optimistic about the season. As I said in the game thread, our weakest area is now centre forward. Add Moult and I would be delighted. Doc hinted we weren't done in the transfer market, Moult and Maloney still to come?


Lastly, potentially see Storey and Storie gone before the season starts which is no loss. We've added known quality who have proven themselves in our league, plus added Scottish players which I think is a positive factor.


Hibs - maybe decent but not better than us

Rangers - added a bunch of foreign unknowns/has beens - huge risk plus a very questionable manager - don't see them better than us, will be drama all year, just can't see Pedro being here all year and if he goes you have a bunch of diddy foreigners trying to fit with a new manager

Hearts - same as hibs


Would love to see us play Celtic this year with the same Scottish cup attitude, as well as play with the killer 7-2, 7-0 mentality against the rest. Yesterday we saw some real quality at times and that's still preseason form. A nice 5-0 smashing of Hamilton on day 1 will be a good league kickoff!


Stand free!



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I think hoping GMS will be better than Hayes or McGinn is wishful thinking. GMS could be a good player for us, but those two were tremendous for us and we actually took them for granted a wee bit.


Christie and Stewart should be very good this season. Shame they're both just loans.


Shinnie will have to do more of a defensive job to replace Jack and protect the defence, which means curtailing his attacking instincts, unless we play O'Connor or Arnason in midfield.

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I assume Tansey was to replace Jack, or McLean playing deeper. Shinnie will just do what he did last season (he's like a higher-class version of Flood). I think that suits us better, as there were many games last season where we just didn't need Jack's protecting role.


I think Stewart will replace McGinn just nicely. Similar player, can ghost past a man and play in a decent ball as well as having a decent finish. He was headering the ball on occasion last night though, he needs to cut that out - heading's for the big lads.


So we haven't replaced Hayes really. But GMS will be decent, and we'll just have to cope. I think we're a different team without him, but I don't see that as a bad thing. We can easily change our style to accommodate, and overall I think the freshness of the team will help us out as teams could often work us out pretty quickly due to the fact that we've been playing the same for a few seasons now.


I'd still like to see Moult here. I think we really need to ship a few out, we don't need unrest or too big a squad and we need to make space for the youngsters. I'd like to see the Storie/eys shipped alongside Stockley if we get Moult.

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I'd like to see a tough midfielder and probably another centre forward.


The main difference this season will be Shinnie as captain.



Very attack minded squad, we should be in for some decent fitba.



Fully agree, think Shinnie is the best captain since Willie Miller and he'll have a standout year.  However, I think DM sees us covered in the middle with the two more defensive mids being Shinnie and Tansey with O'Connor as back up, plus McLean potentially deep when needed, maybe even Kari. I finally gave up bitching about this position! Would have added Storie there but he appears to be a lost cause.


If we add Moult and a center mid and punt Storey and Storie I'd be delighted. Would much rather see that type of midfielder added instead of Maloney.

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Agree L.A.


Btw always wanted to ask...is Compton that rough now?


I think our team could be better than previous years.


We had problems as well as strengths like any team.


Defence was susceptible to bad errors.


Lewis...great all rounder

I thought Reynolds was pish last season but seems to have regained some form hopefully.

Considine is pretty decent but needs to be more clinical when he gets into the box.

Kari will hopefully make a big difference.

OConnor I still think is very good and of course Logan is awesome.


Always always said Jack was a waste of a position.this 'holding midfielder' expression does my nut in. He was pish and he knew it.give anyone the ball 10 yards beyond the 18 yard box and ask them to pass it sideways or back when a player comes near them and they'll manage  :eek:


Hayes and especially McGinn could have very poor games and many times McGinn was a waste of a shirt.

(They could also be on fire lol)


McLean is hopefully staying put and Shinnie is so valuable.


Wright needs more game time.he's really good.

As is Ross.


Christie is a genius.we need to sign him up.I think he will be more influential to us than Hayes and McGinn put together.


gms has made a great move coming to us.career resurrection on its way.


Tansey...still to see more of him. Ooh errr.


Stewart looks very good.


Stockley has had enough chances for me now and not done much.i used to stick up for him but get rid.storey too.


Rooney needs to start banging them in again.


Maynard is a tricky one but I see him being a great acquisition.


If we get Maloney its gonna look even better.


Don't know enough about Moult  :-\


I have to be honest..if we don't get to the group stages of Europa, I'll be really disappointed not because we deserve to be there but because it's so much more interesting than the SPFL.


I love watching the Dons in Scotland but Europe is just brilliant.reading the fans plans and stories.




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Good thread LA, certainly got me thinking.  I'd almost be happy with the squad we have but as I think you and a few other said in the siroki thread, it was clear that centre forward is now our weak link.  We should bust a gut to get Moult, and I hope we do.


Ideally I suppose we'd also go for another centre mid but it's not a priority.  We've got cover in that O'Connor can play there although he doesn't have the pace for it imo. If the right one becomes available, then why not.  Would be pleased to see Storie and Storey offski, not adding anything.  I'd probably add Stockley to that list too. Despite his "bants".

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Big Jayden gets a lot of criticism but he brings something to the squad. He definitely give us a different look up top and we we're crying out for this type of player prior to his arrival. He's handy to have in the squad, don't see him going anywhere.

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