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Surprised there doesn't seem to be an existing thread in this vein on this forum (apologies if there actually is and i've missed it), so thought i'd start one - always interesting to see how our young uns are doing elsewhere.




FW Cammy Smith (on loan at St Mirren) - MOVED FROM DUNDEE UTD - END OF SEASON

MF Craig Storie (on loan at St Mirren) - END OF SEASON

FW Lawrence Shankland (on loan at Greenock Morton) - MOVED FROM ST MIRREN - END OF SEASON

DF Scott McKenna (on loan at Ayr United) - EXTENDED TO END OF SEASON

DF Daniel Harvie (on loan at Dumbarton) - EXTENDED TO END OF SEASON

FW Connor McLennan (on loan at Brechin City) - ENDED

GK Danny Rogers (on loan at Falkirk) - END OF SEASON

GK Aaron Lennox (on loan at Raith Rovers) - INJURED - END OF SEASON

MF Dylan Thomas (on loan at Montrose) - END OF SEASON

FW  Joe Nuttall (on loan at Stranraer) - ENDED

GK  Robbie Mutch (on loan at Arbroath) - ENDED


Have i missed anyone?



Left back Daniel Harvie just scored a 20-yard screamer for Dumbarton against Raith Rovers.





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McKenna getting a tanking from Shankland. Have to admit, I wasn't massively convinced by McKenna or Shankland when I saw either of them play for the dons. Neither have looked particularly good today.



I thought McKenna acquitted himself quite well when i saw him play, but was never ever convinced by Shankland.

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Loan Summary for w/e 28/1/17:


PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheet
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)STARTFalkirk LOSS 1-2FW0-
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)START (sub 82)Falkirk LOSS 1-2MF0-
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)START (sub 84)Ayr Utd WIN 4-1FW0-
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTSt Mirren WIN 2-1GK-NO
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)STARTMorton LOSS 1-4DEF0-
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)STARTRaith Rovers WIN 3-1DEF1-
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDDumbarton LOSS 1-3GK--
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)SUB 90+4Berwick WIN 2-1MF0-


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Loan Summary for w/e 4/2/17:


Cammy Smith got an assist in St Mirren's 2-2 draw with Dumbarton, in which Smith, Storie and Harvie all played the full 90 minutes.


Danny Rogers had a clean sheet for Falkirk's 2-0 win over Dunfermline, while Lawrence Shankland was a start for Morton's 3-0 loss to QoS.


No sign of Scott McKenna in team or bench for Ayr Utd, but Dylan Thomas got a 7 minute runout for L2 Montrose.


Finally, Aaron Lennox is still out counting his teeth, after taking a boot to the face in a bounce match back in January and gaining a fractured jaw.


PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheet
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)STARTDumbarton DRAW2-2FW0-
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)STARTDumbarton DRAW2-2MF0-
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)STARTQoS LOSS 0-3FW0-
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)NO START/NO BENCHHibs DRAW 1-1DEF0-
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)STARTSt Mirren DRAW 2-2DEF0-
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTDunfermline WIN 2-0GK-YES
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDDumbarton LOSS 1-3GK--
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)SUB 83'Stirling Albion WIN 2-1MF0-


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Shankland played the full 90 for Morton in their 1-0 win over Raith last night (but didn't score).  The phrase below is becoming worryingly common in match reports:


It's nae really a worry though, is it? It's been obvious for some time that he's nowhere near good enough and won't be here next season. I'd add Cammy Smith to that too and even Storie given he's now 21. Shame like. Good reports though, a sterling effort on your part.

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Loan Summary for w/e 11/2/17:


Smith and Storie both had starts, and Cammy scored one, in St Mirren's 3-2 cup win over East Fife.


Yet another clean sheet for Danny Rogers in a 3-0 win over Dundee Utd ( :rofl:), another start for Shankland in Morton's 1-0 win over Raith Rovers (but nae goals).


McKenna was an unused sub for Ayr's 1-1 cup draw with Clyde, while Thomas wasn't picked for Montrose's game against Arbroath.  Plenty of time yet for the loon though presumably.


Aaron Lennox still sucking soup through a straw, and Dumbarton had no games this week so no runout for Harvie.


PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheet
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)START (90+1')East Fife WIN 3-2 (cup)FW1-
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)START (69')East Fife WIN 3-2 (cup)MF0-
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)STARTRaith Rovers WIN 1-0FW0-
CUP TIEDzombies LOSS 1-2 (cup)FW--
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)BENCHClyde DRAW 1-1 (cup)DEF0-
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)-NO GAMESDEF--
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTDundee Utd WIN 3-0GK-YES
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDMorton LOSS 0-1GK--
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)NO START/NO BENCHArbroath LOSS 1-3MF--


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Loan Summary for w/e 18/2/17:


Cammy Smith cuptied for St Mirren's Challenge Cup 4-1 win over Welsh side TNS, Storie started but had a poor match and was subbed at half time.


Shankland had a goal rather harshly disallowed for a handball in the buildup in Morton's 2-2 draw with Falkirk, which also ended Danny Roger's run of clean sheets.


Harvie played the full 90 for Dumbarton in their 2-2 draw with Ayr Utd while McKenna warmed the bench.  In League 2, Thomas was also an used sub in Montrose's 1-1 draw with Edinburgh City.



PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheet
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)CUP TIEDTNS WIN 4-1 (cup)FW--
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)START (45')TNS WIN 4-1 (cup)MF0-
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)STARTFalkirk DRAW 2-2FW0-
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)BENCH (UNUSED)Dumbarton DRAW 2-2DEF--
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)STARTAyr Utd DRAW 2-2DEF0-
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTMorton DRAW 2-2GK-NO
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDHibs DRAW 1-1GK--
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)BENCH (UNUSED)Edinburgh City DRAW 1-1MF--



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What's the latest OD?! A few weeks with no update, they all crocked?


Not a loan, but it was good to see Ross coming on on Saturday.


Recent events in the real world relegating fitba to a distant 2nd i'm afraid.  I'll see if i can pull some lunchtime updates together  ;)


And aye, liked the fact that Ross got a run out, although can't say i noticed how he did with his 4 minutes of fame.

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I'll do it a week at a time...


Loan Summary for w/e 25/2/17:


Smith started for St Mirren's 2-0 win over Ayr Utd (and picked up a yellow card), but Storie and McKenna were unused subs, in Storie's case possibly because he was utter gash the previous week.


Rogers and Harvie continued their regular starts for the 2-2 draw between Falkirk and Dumbarton, a score that seems to be a favourite of both clubs at the moment.


Shankland also started for Morton in their 1-1 draw with Dundee "10 points" Utd, before being replaced after 74 minutes.


In League 2, Dylan Thomas was an unused sub for the 0-0 draw with Forfar.


Lennox still crocked.


PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheetCards
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)START (84')Ayr Utd WIN 2-0FW0-1 yellow
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)BENCH (UNUSED)Ayr Utd WIN 2-0MF---
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)START (74')Dundee Utd DRAW 1-1FW0-0
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)BENCH (UNUSED)St Mirren LOSS 0-2DEF---
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)STARTFalkirk DRAW 2-2DEF0-0
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTDumbarton DRAW 2-2GK-NO0
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDQOS LOSS 1-2GK---
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)BENCH (UNUSED)Forfar DRAW 0-0MF0-0


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Loan Summary for w/e 5/3/17:


Cammy started and came close to scoring in St Mirren's 2-0 win over Hibs, with Storie still relegated to the bench as an unused sub.


Rogers got back to clean sheets with Falkirk's 2-0 win over QOTS, while Shankland had a week off with no games on for Morton.


Harvie scored Dumbarton's only goal of the game with a 12-yard drive in the 86th minute, although only after Dunfermline (mainly Nicky Clark) had hammered 5 past them.


Raith had the wierdest news of the week, after their other two goalkeepers joined Aaron (still crocked) Lennox with injuries, and every attempt they made to get an emergency loan in, including offering to permanently sign Lennox from us to free up a loan spot, failed.  In the end Ryan Stevenson went in goal, where he somehow managed to keep McKenna and co to only putting one past him. 


Talking of Scott McKenna...




Sent off with a straight red at the end of the 1st half of Ayr's 3-1 Scottish Cup defeat to Hibs, after mistaking John McGinn for the ball.  In RicoS321's word's:


That was an amazing challenge.


In League 2, Dylan Thomas finally got a start for Montrose in their Tuesday 2-1 win over Clyde, and by all accounts made the most of it, eventually being subbed in the 84th minute.


In midfield all attained good pass marks for energy and commitment with Dylan Thomas also having his best game.


He was then rewarded with his usual spot on the bench, an unused sub in Saturday's 3-2 loss to Annan Athletic.


PlayerTeamPlayed This week?Opponents & ResultPositionGoalsClean sheetCards
Cammy SmithSt Mirren (CH)START (92')Hibs WIN 2-0FW0-0
Craig StorieSt Mirren (CH)BENCH (UNUSED)Hibs WIN 2-0MF---
Lawrence ShanklandMorton (CH)-no gamesFW---
Scott McKennaAyr Utd (CH)STARTRaith WIN 1-0DEF---
START (sent off 45')Hibs LOSS 1-3DEF--1 red
Daniel HarvieDumbarton (CH)STARTDunfermline LOSS 1-5DEF1-0
Danny RogersFalkirk (CH)STARTQOTS WIN 2-0GK-YES0
Aaron LennoxRaith Rovers (CH)INJUREDAyr Utd LOSS 0-1GK---
Dylan ThomasMontrose (L2)START (84')Clyde WIN 2-1MF0-0


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Obviously as the season draws to a close, we will see a few fringe players returning from loan, most notably Cammy Smith, Lawrence Shankland, Danny Rogers & Craig Storie. Also Scott Mckenna, who I think may already be back.


Anyone reckon we will see any of them here next season? Are they still young enough to continue their development or have they had enough opportunities etc... to impose themselves in the 1st team squad at the very least?


Danny Rogers for me, is more than capable of being a number 2 to Lewis, whether or not he wants to be back up though, remains to be seen, I think he made it clear last season that he wants to play.


Lawrence Shankland looks like he's probably leaving, never really given an opportunity, despite what anyone says, 3 or 5 minute sub appearances is nowhere near enough to make an impact. But Rooney is our main striker, Stockley has done a decent enough job as back up, and even Miles Storey can't get a run and looks to be offski as well, so really don't see a place for young Shankland, which is a pity, as I was excited when we signed him.


Craig Storie, looked a prospect when he played a few times last season, then just fizzled away and eventually been loaned to St Mirren, where even there, he's struggled to start games. Wouldn't mind him staying, but reckon he will go as well. Reminds me slightly of Jamie Masson, looked okay when given the opportunity, then  gone, just like that. Could maybe have benefited playing alongside Jack for a full season, who knows.


And last but not least, young Cammy Smith, I feel his best position would be behind the striker, in the 10 role if you like, started off really well at Dundee Utd on loan, then it went south for him, then by all accounts, is a real favourite with the St Mirren fans, could he be kept as a back up to McLean, especially with Pawlett leaving, or should we look for a more experienced name? Who knows, always liked him and perhaps had more hope in him making it.



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I noticed Danny Rogers has been on the bench for Falkirk for the last couple of weeks, anyone know if he's been dropped or if they're just giving their own player a run out?


I don't think the rest of them particularly shone at Championship level (except maybe Daniel Harvie?), I'd be surprised if any of them were kept on. Joe Nuttall couldn't even get off the bench for Dumbarton.

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