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I've now been off the cigs for 3 weeks and only vaping. Upsides, saving a shitload of cash, breathing is a lot easier, food tastes like food again and I can smell things. Down side, I'm farting like a trooper and because I can smell better I'm now finding the smell of my own farts a bit too much - some of those fuckers could feed you.


Anyone else into this? I'm trying to find the best mods etc but the advice out there is pretty varied and looks more about sponsors selling their wares than actually giving people the low down.

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On the Ides of March 2017, I will be 4 years fagless after a third of a century on Regal king size.


But I'm still addicted to nicotine. I use that nicotine spray and have done every day for 1,350 days ish.


It's a cunt but it's ALL mental if you want to stay stopped. I've been weak by not ditching the spray. My advice is to give up the vaping and go cold turkey when you're ready. I KNOW I'll never smoke a cigarette again but fuck I still need nicotine and it's shite that I do.

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Nae sure about the farting.Have you substituted the fags with veg?          ;D


The oil that the vape stuff is made from is veg based, maybe thats it  ;D


I'm not ready to stop smoking but I  can no longer justify spending £80 a week on killing myself. This vaping shit though almost hits the spot when you need a smoke and right now I'm looking at it more as a brand change than a packing it in.



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Im more addicted to vaping than i ever was to fags  :eek:: :'(


nae good if im being honest, been off fags for years but the vape thing is never oot of my mooth. Feck knows what its doing to me, but guaranteed its nae extending my life by 20 years, i really should try and bin it, new year maybe ;D

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I had u down as a all me kinda man. Latch on, loup on, job done, night night!


Different strokes, different folks, skinning a cat, variety is the greatest spice and getting the job done.


The best way to look after oneself is to get others to look after you. And the only way they will is if you look after them first.


This is not a formula or a recipe, it just happens naturally. For mentally healthy people. Therein lies the rub.


Almost everybody lacks complete mental health. We all have prejudices and prejudgements to varying degrees.


With so many beautiful women and so much love to give, the "all me kinda man" just needs to be discreet.



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This has really started to piss me off. Not sure what it's like elsewhere in the UK but vapers appear to be increasing the output rate of their metallic dildos and the fumes go everywhere.  I don't want to smell your coffee tasting shite smoke  :hammer:


Have no issues with folk vaping, but don't blow it in everyone elses space.

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