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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴



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This has really started to piss me off. Not sure what it's like elsewhere in the UK but vapers appear to be increasing the output rate of their metallic dildos and the fumes go everywhere.  I don't want to smell your coffee tasting shite smoke  :hammer:


Have no issues with folk vaping, but don't blow it in everyone elses space.


Aye, it stinks of cunts.

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I suggest you find a better class of woman, one who's pussy is not foul-smelling, the minority who are hygienecally or genetically-challenged. It's one of the two rules. Stinking fanny or never offer to stand their hand are non-long-term propositions.


I didn't mean actual cunts. Hypothetical human cunts.

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I didn't mean actual cunts. Hypothetical human cunts.


Marvellous. You indulge me. The further imprecision of these words provide an opportunity for me to speak more shite, to post some further pish, clarity in communication being an irrationally-held passion.


Cuntery in humans is not hypothetical and yet being a cunt is diametrically opposite from having cunt.


A human cunt is a nasty bastard. Limmy's observations on this subject, stepping on the boy's shoe, wiping the tourists' camera and grogging on the hearse were funny as fuck, given the fakery in the apology, the cooperative smile and pointing out the grog to the congregation respectively, all ending up with the same facial expression manifestation of human cuntness.


Having cunt on the other hand is generally regarded as a positive. No man ever achieved fuck all without wanting to, without having the burning desire to achieve the goal, very often at any cost. The ruthlessness to succeed, the singularity of focus and the sheer determination are what's known as having cunt although fuck knows what all this has got to do with vapers, who are demonstrably weak lily-livered self-centred ignorant pigs who never got enough of their mithers' tit.

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