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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Bristol Rovers forum rekon the boy Freak is motherwell bound http://gaschat.co.uk/thread/8986/bristol-rovers-winger-forest-green?page=2
  2. In/Oot - Ooot - canna be arsed (Although ive brought my "civi's to work in case i change my mind ) Before - Work During - Work, Hoose or Y Efter - Hoose 0 - 1 - Jack OG (88th min) 7986
  3. capitalred


    Im more addicted to vaping than i ever was to fags :'( nae good if im being honest, been off fags for years but the vape thing is never oot of my mooth. Feck knows what its doing to me, but guaranteed its nae extending my life by 20 years, i really should try and bin it, new year maybe
  4. from what i saw Mclean was having a good game in the first half (As he did last Tuesday), then we made some mad subs and moved Jack into the middle, which completely stifled Mclean. Sub should have been Logan for Jack. Maddison needs to learn when to pass, constantly beats two or three men then looses it Pawlett is still pretty shite for me, Rooney is becoming too slow of thought and body. Shirley that ex ICT boy must be worth a shot sometime, if he's not then get rid Considine & O'Connor -good, (in fact back 5 with Logan, Shinnie and Lewis are perfectly sound) I left 20 mins into the second half, i was bored and going by the crowds, im nae the only one, as things stand im nae bothering on Tuesday
  5. In the realms of high double figure pintage and 5 or 6 nips (So No, to busy in A&E being resuscitated)
  6. In Random Bar Y Hopefully (sat in T on Tuesday night, some right angry folk around there.) Random Bar 1 - 0 Logan
  7. Keep Considine Nae bothered either way Jack Mcginn Bin Pawlett Get rid ASAP Taylor
  8. Aye, I think so. But would probably insist on a safe word Saw her live a year or so back, some body and moves for her age, had her tits oot for most of the gig.
  9. Think it was on the 1st floor, NE corner, behind the bit with the big screen
  10. jesus, i forgot about him, was racking my brains trying to think WTF it was, is he still in the professional football world
  11. http://www.afc.co.uk/stadium.php had a good scroll/read through the PDF's on the right (when i figured out where the zoom was ) Bar looks pretty certain as its in the plans, they mention safe standing but not where it would go, i'm presuming the toon end if it gets the go ahead.
  12. was out at eat on the green two weeks back, thought it was good, a set menu but everything was fine. i cant fault it, BUT i only went because i was given a voucher and if i'm being really honest i wouldn't want to pay that kind of money for a meal again, i've had just as good/better meals at easily half the price. was in a tiny wee Italian place in sneckie the week before that, food was outstanding and for 3 courses (plus wee nibble things) and a litre of red it was only about 70 quid, recommend it if ever up that way, a booking is the best bet, think there was only about a dozen tables and it was rammed, they turned away heaps of folk while we were eating.
  13. Wouldn't even need to think about it, Aye
  14. Thailand, ao nang in july. Went to Koh samui off the east coast this year and loved it, so returning to the country, but the west coast, nae keen on repeat trips, can only get to the hotel by speed boat, should be fun if it's rough. Seemingly got a big anniversary next December too, NYC was mentioned but if I get a choice I'd love to go to San Francisco. Although my daughter is just back this week from NY and she rekon the exchange rate now is killing it
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