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Minutes Silences at iBrokes

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Just read that the new rangers are to be holding a minutes silence prior to kick off for some guy who played for the rangers that went bust.


While it's nice of them to hold a tribute for someone who's got nothing to do with them or us it would still be nice if our boys and girls were to show a bit of respect and honour the minutes silence.


It's only 60 seconds so please don't do anything to show our club up, at least during that minute anyway.


I still remember that last one for George Young i think his name was... at least this one isn't being broadcast across the nation like that other one was.


Be nice folks.  :thumbsup:

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Was a fifa directive was it not? Last minutes silence I did at ibrox was broken by a drunken ned in our support


Had a few minutes silences, home and abroad and every single one has been well observed by the dandies.  I'm confident tomorrows will be no different.

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Just as well I'm not there then.

Fuck observing a minutes silence in that shitehole.



Normally I would just stand outside, like I did at Pittodrie for that bitch Diana, rather that be the arsehole who broke a minute's silence.


I retain the right to do it at Ibrox though.

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The Sunday tabloids will only be happy if we lose.


Ken fit yer saying min but the Weegie press will be walking themselves into a frenzy at the thought of the scum fae the north ruining a minutes silence in their backyard against the tribute act

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Ah ok, i never realised that the minutes silence stretched to include showing respect to the Brazilians in the crash.... that changes things massively.


I'll never forget that minutes silence for George Young. Sitting there glued to the telly with a pic of GY in the top corner of the screen, the camera panning round the crowd then from the silence all you heard was "we all agree...." I laughed but i shouldn't have.


Anyway..... :haterangers:

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